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Warzone 2’s fully-electric Hummer still needs fuel to work in-game

If you're looking forward to Warzone 2 and the new Call of Duty battle royale, you're going to want to know this: the fully electric Hummer still needs fuel

Warzone 2 GMC Hummer Ev needs fuel: an image of two men hanging out the side of a vehicle

We know it’s shocking to learn that you can apparently earn a tactical nuke in Warzone 2, but did you know that Infinity Ward are doing away with logic and forcing players to refuel an electric vehicle with petrol from Gas Station locations in Al Mazrah? Following the announcement of the Warzone 2 preload time and confirmation of the Warzone 2 release date, Infinity Ward confirmed that every single vehicle in Warzone 2 will require refuelling – either via portable Gas Cans or less-than-portable Gas Stations – including the GMC Hummer EV.

If you’re not quite sure what a GMC Hummer EV is, it’s a fully electric Hummer that General Motors prides on being a “revolutionary” development in creating fuel-less cars. As per this world premier advertisement, it’s the “world’s first all-electric super-truck”. With no emissions – and limits, apparently – it’s safe to say that it’s quite an exciting vehicle and a decent addition to the selection of vehicles in the new Call of Duty battle royale.

However, as it’s appearance in Warzone 2 is something of an advert for the GMC Hummer EV – which is, as we have said, unique because it’s a fully-electric vehicle – it makes absolutely no sense to have it need fuel in-game.

Of course, we understand why Infinity Ward has included the GMC Hummer EV in the list of vehicles that need fuel in Warzone 2. If this vehicle didn’t need fuel, and an alternative battery-based mechanic wasn’t introduced specifically for it, the GMC Hummer EV would easily be the best vehicle in what could very-well be one of the best battle royale games out there when it drops.

However, you have to wonder whether this decision completely undoes and undermines the work General Motors were hoping to do by striking a deal with Activision to have said electric vehicle in Warzone 2. Sure, this gets the Hummer name out there, but it also makes the GMC Hummer EV just look like another bulky fuel-based vehicle – and there are plenty of those already out there.

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The refuel and repair mechanics coming to Warzone 2 are quite interesting, though. Here’s what the Call of Duty team had to say about them in this Call of Duty Blog post:

“No more unlimited fuel sources — all vehicles (yes, including the EV) use fuel over time, and when it runs out, that vehicle is no longer usable. Vehicles can be refilled either with Gas Cans found around the map or at Gas Stations.

“Gas Stations can also repair body damage and tires, thereby restoring vehicle health. However, Operators can also perform flat tire repairs anywhere in the world by interacting with individual tires.”

Are we ever going to see the GMC Hummer EV in Warzone 2 ditch the fuel mechanic? Probably not, but we can dream. At least the new Warzone 2 Gulag offers everyone a get out of jail free card – and it’s quite interesting that Warzone 2 and DMZ are getting Rainbow Six Siege style interrogations. So, it isn’t all bad.