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You can apparently earn a tactical nuke in Warzone 2

A Call of Duty content creator has claimed that there will nukes in Warzone 2 that wipe out the entire map, but they're "extremely difficult" to earn

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After a select group of streamers got their hands on the battle royale early, we now know loads of new information about Warzone 2 and DMZ. However, one of the most intriguing new revelations is that you can get a tactical nuke in Warzone 2 that will wipe out the map and seemingly win you the game.

According to ‘ModernWarzone’, who was one of the creators invited to the event at Infinity Ward’s studios, developers revealed that there is a nuke that can be earned in Warzone 2, despite it not appearing during any of the livestreamed matches.

“You can nuke the entire battle royale map in Warzone 2,” he tweets. “Nobody managed to do it today but we were told that it is possible, although [it is] EXTREMELY difficult to pull off.”

ModernWarzone also says that the Warzone 2 nuke will not be earned in the same way as the MGB tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. While in MW2 you can get a nuke by going on a 30-kill streak, the Warzone 2 nuke will be tied to some kind of contract.

“We were told it’s a special contract that doesn’t spawn every game and is extremely difficult to complete,” ModernWarzone explains in a follow-up tweet.

Just a few hours before ModernWarzone revealed this information, Call of Duty leaker ‘GhostOfHope’ also claimed that nukes would be in Warzone 2.

Interestingly, we may have seen this mysterious nuke contract already. During Call of Duty Next in September, which showed off the very first Warzone 2 gameplay, some eagle-eyed players spotted a symbol on the map resembling a yellow missile.

As it was only spotted once the storm had closed in, no one was able to explore and find out what this icon represents, but it could be the marker for starting the contract that earns you a nuke.

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