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Warzone 2 3rd person mode removed from the battle royale once again

Developer Infinity Ward has removed 3rd-person mode from Warzone 2 once again and it shows no sign of returning soon in the latest Call of Duty entry

Operator in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2 players looking for extra spice found it within the game’s 3rd-person mode, a first for the COD battle royale upon release. Despite its popularity, it appears that developer Infinity Ward has removed the 3rd-person mode from Warzone 2 for the umpteenth time. Will the 3rd-person Warzone 2 mode make a permanent return?

The Call of Duty franchise has dabbled with 3rd-person playlists before, with entries such as the original Modern Warfare 2 and even World At War trying their hand at it. The release of Warzone 2 gave players a refined 3rd-person experience, one that is more akin to competitors like Fortnite or PUBG. However, as the devs introduce new fixes and playlists, the popular mode continues to frequently disappear.

According to the official Warzone 2 Trello board, it doesn’t appear that there are any glitches that warrant a full playlist removal. As of December 16, 2022, a small bug pertaining to lasers in the 3rd-person Warzone 2 mode has been addressed. Unfortunately, it is unclear when 3rd-person mode will make a comeback in Warzone 2. However, it is likely that it will return in the build-up to the Warzone 2 Season 2 release date.

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Instead, developer Infinity Ward has reintroduced ShootHouse 24/7, amid the absence of Shipment, with the reinstatement of trios into Warzone 2.

It is possible that the devs are trying to keep players engaged with consistently revolving playlists, but as a core gameplay feature, 3rd-person mode’s removal isn’t sitting right with members of the COD community. Responding to Infinity Ward, disgruntled player ‘Andre Matthews‘ says that “trios returns but 3rd person warzone players just get sh*tted on and no love again.”

COD content creator ‘NothingButSkillz‘ echoes their frustration: “Can anyone explain why @InfinityWard @RavenSoftware keep rotating 3rd Person Warzone in and out? At least rotate it from duo, trios & Squads.”

For now, it is a perfect time to wield Warzone 2 meta weapons and put together some Warzone 2 best loadouts and classes, as we await 3rd-person mode’s grand return.