Call of Duty Vanguard – how to level up weapons fast

Want to find out how to level up weapons fast in Call of Duty Vanguard? We have some tips for you that'll see you unlock countless attachments

Call of Duty Vanguard how to level up weapons fast: A player can be seen in a winter camo sniping an enemy off screen.

With Call of Duty Vanguard now out in the wild, players are getting to grips with the multiplayer and Zombies modes and are keen to work towards levelling up their weapons. Reaching new levels will provide extra attachments and more options for your guns, which is crucial far crafting an up-close-and-personal MP40 loadout or a sniping-focused Kar98k loadout.

There are some key steps you can take to ensure you are able to level up weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard quickly. After hearing what the community has tried and verifying the methods in-game ourselves, we have a good idea of exactly how to level up guns quickly in Sledgehammer’s latest shooter.

So if you’ve been thinking about how to level up weapons fast in Call of Duty Vanguard, then you’re in the right place. According to the CoD-father himself, YouTuber ‘JGOD’, here’s what you need to do to smash through weapon levels to unlock all of those glorious attachments.

Call of Duty Vanguard level up weapons fast

Here are three key tips to levelling up your weapons fast in Call of Duty Vanguard:

Use the right operator

The first thing to check before heading into a game mode with the gun you want to level is which operator you are using. Browse the lineup, and look for what their favourite weapon is. If you play as an operator whose favourite gun is the one you want to level up, you will get an XP boost as you rank them up.

For example, Roland’s favourite weapon is the STG44. So, if you’re grinding to make an excellent STG44 Vanguard class, you should use him as you play.

Play your strongest mode

Another top tip from JGOD is to play the modes that you are strongest at. If you are playing something where you struggle to get upwards of ten kills in a match, then you might want to find something that you are stronger at, to maximise your XP gain.

Modes like Search and Destroy can offer lots of lucrative XP, but it’s only worth playing that mode if you’re going to drop a lot of kills.

Try some Hardcore multiplayer

Finally, if you are comfortable playing Hardcore, definitely opt for these modes. With most guns being a single shot to kill, due to the reduced health in Hardcore modes, it’s easy to stack medals to earn extra XP.

A final tip: Zombies is not as good for levelling up weapons as it used to be. While playing Zombies in Black Ops Cold War was an efficient way to farm weapon XP, the scoring systems are not as generous in Vanguard. Multiplayer is definitely the best way to level up fast.

That covers our best tips for how to level up guns quickly in Call of Duty Vanguard. For more multiplayer help, why not take a look at how to unlock Call of Duty Vanguard’s Gold, Diamond, and Atomic camos.