MW3 ending might have been spoiled on Call of Duty actor’s TikTok

Modern Warfare 3 teases the ultimate COD threat as Makarov returns, but the MW3 ending might have already been spoiled by this Call of Duty voice actor.

MW3 campaign story spoilers

Anything can happen in Modern Warfare 3. No one is safe from meeting a grizzly end in the MW reboot universe, and if you’ve played the original MW3 campaign, you’ll know it has some pretty devastating moments. Well, it seems that the Modern Warfare 3 release date will bring us similar heartbreak, as Call of Duty voice actor and mo-cap artist Elliot Knight hints toward the MW3 ending.

The Modern Warfare 3 reveal isn’t here just yet, but that isn’t stopping the Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick actor from teasing his work on the COD franchise. Showcasing lines from a recording session for the latest Modern Warfare 2 Raid, TikTok user ‘bravo_six_going_dark’ comments “please don’t die Gaz in Modern Warfare 3.”

After a few hours, Knight responds: “Let me tell you something, [there will be] two sad deaths and one good death.” While developer Sledgehammer Games isn’t sweating just yet about Knight’s comment, fans of the original Modern Warfare 3 trilogy won’t be a stranger to shocking moments. Here’s your spoiler warning for 2011’s MW3, just incase.

MW3 ending spoilers elliot knight tiktok

The third entry in the OG COD trilogy sees fan favorite John ‘Soap’ MacTavish die during the heat of battle, while Delta Force members Sandman, Truck, and Grinch meet their demise rescuing President Vorchevsky. Vladimir Makarov is eliminated by Captain Price, too.

Whether the new iteration of MW3 includes a similar subplot remains to be seen, but glimpses from the recent Makarov reveal trailer detail that returning to Warzone map Verdansk could be a possibility. Albeit a fiery one.

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As we said before, the new COD trilogy is a reboot of the Modern Warfare universe, so we wouldn’t be surprised if some remixed versions of popular moments appear. Perhaps this time it will be Captain Price who gets killed off, with players taking Soap on a path of revenge.

We already know that the controversial No Russian mission is likely to get a reimagining, as the MW2 post-credits scene teases the harrowing moment. You can view the teaser below, courtesy of ‘AFGuidesHD’.

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Modern Warfare 2 has seen its fair share of detractors as of late, in part to disappointing updates with each seasonal update. As we draw our gaze on MW3, there is a chance it could emerge as one of the best FPS games this year has to offer.

Whether you and your friends get your MW3 pre-orders in, the transition over to it will be easy, though, as you can bring your best MW2 guns, attachments, and camos with you into the next game.