Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell explained, rewards, more

If you’re hoping to be a part of the most elite crew every season, then here’s what you need to know about Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell.

Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell: Arther from Warzone Season 5 Blackcell pack in front of the Modern Warfare 3 red artwork

What is Blackcell in MW3? This premium line of content is for the biggest fans of the FPS series, holding a bunch of great rewards and access to some exclusive stuff, but there are plenty of details to go over in our Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell guide.

Ahead of the Call of Duty MW3 release date, if you’re competitive and looking forward to the Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer, or typically play Call of Duty Warzone, then Blackcell might be worth keeping your eye on. Especially if you find yourself putting hundreds of hours into the best FPS game series out there.

Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell explained

Blackcell in Call of Duty MW3 is a premium purchase that releases with new items, battle pass access, and free COD Points, with a new Blackcell bundle released every season. Based on its MW2 counterpart, it will likely include:

  • Current season’s battle pass
  • Exclusive Blackcell battle pass sector
  • 20 Battle Tokens (tier skips)
  • A new Operator
  • New weapon blueprints
  • 1,100 COD Points
  • Exclusive cosmetics (Operator skins, Vehicle skins, etc.)

The Blackcell bundle was introduced with Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 and is continuing in Modern Warfare 3, and It is likely to cost around $30 / £25 based on its existing pricing.

It’s more expensive than outright buying the latest battle pass for the season, but you do get some nice and exclusive rewards to show off that you’ve purchased the Blackcell bundle. Of course, everything is simply cosmetic and doesn’t give you an advantage in-game. However, with the blueprints, it means you’ll likely get access to some attachments that take a lot of grinding to get.

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Players who want to make their Call of Duty MW3 pre-orders and purchase the Vault Edition will get the Blackcell bundle for the first season of the game, as well as a further 30 Battle Tokens, adding up to 50 tier skips in total, according to leaks.

Is the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell bundle worth getting?

Considering it has no advantages to purchasing, the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell bundle is only worth getting if you like the cosmetics included, or if you want some of the blueprints for your favorite guns. Otherwise, it can be an expensive option over just getting the battle pass.

The best thing about it is its exclusivity. Purchasing the Blackcell bundle for its cosmetics means that only you, and other Blackcell players, will have access to the skins. That means when the Blackcell bundle disappears, you’ll have some (hopefully) rare cosmetics.

That’s everything to know about the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell bundles and what they’ll likely come with. If you’re excited about the next game in the best competitive FPS game series, check out how you can get access to the upcoming Call of Duty MW3 beta dates, or find out if there’s a Call of Duty MW3 early access period.