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Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell explained, rewards, how it works

Here’s everything you need to know about the premium Modern Warfare 3 Blackcell bundles, including the rewards in the latest FPS game.

Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell: Arther from Warzone Season 5 Blackcell pack in front of the Modern Warfare 3 red artwork

What is Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell? Included as a bonus for the most expensive edition of the game, the Modern Warfare 3 Blackcell bundle offers some exclusive and desirable cosmetic gear. But how does it work, what’s included, and is it even worth buying?

If you like to flaunt exclusive or rare cosmetics in any of the best FPS games out there, Blackcell is definitely something to keep an eye out for. Equally, if you know you’re going to sink countless hours into unlocking all the MW3 camos in MW3 multiplayer, or taking down hordes of undead in MW3 Zombies, then it may be a worthwhile investment. Here’s everything you need to know.

Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell explained

Blackcell in Modern Warfare 3 is a premium bundle that includes access to the current season’s battle pass, as well as plenty of other rewards, those being:

  • Current season’s battle pass
  • Exclusive Blackcell battle pass sector
  • 20 Battle Tokens (tier skips)
  • A new Operator
  • New weapon blueprints
  • 1,100 COD Points
  • Exclusive cosmetics for operators, vehicles, and more

Each upcoming season of Modern Warfare 3 will feature a different Blackcell bundle. Compared to the standard battle pass price of $10, the Blackcell bundle will set you back $30. Alternatively, you can purchase the Vault Edition of Call of Duty MW3 and get access to Blackcell for the first season, as well as additional rewards like 50 tier skips, some Operator skins, and two MW3 Weapon Vaults.

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When is the first MW3 Blackcell bundle?

For those who have purchased the Vault Edition, you’ll be able to get access to your Blackcell bundle when the Call of Duty MW3 Season 1 release date arrives, which will be sometime in December 2023.

The rewards and theme of the upcoming battle pass are currently unknown, however, as updates arrive for Modern Warfare 3, dataminers will be able to uncover details regarding the upcoming first season. When this happens, we’ll update the article with the details on the Blackcell for Season 1.

Are the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell bundles worth it?

The biggest advantage of owning the Blackcell bundle is the additional Battle Tokens, or tier skips as they’re better known. For PC and Xbox players, you get 20 Battle Tokens toward the battle pass, while PS5 players get 25. Other than saving some time and unlocking items on the battle pass earlier, there’s no real competitive advantage to owning the Blackcell bundle, and it’s best for those who like exclusive cosmetics.

Considering that 1,100 CoD Points alone will set you back $10, if you’re someone who consistently buys bundles in the store and the battle pass, purchasing the Blackcell bundle may save you some money in the long run. Especially if you’re saving up for an expensive bundle.

That’s everything you need to know about the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell bundles. For now, you should unlock all of the MW3 guns before new guns arrive in the upcoming seasons, and make sure to pick up one of the best Xbox controllers and best PS5 controllers if you want to have the right tools to win.