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Modern Warfare 2 vehicles - every car, tank, and helicopter

Do you want to know what the Modern Warfare 2 vehicles are in the multiplayer mode? Here is a full list of every car, tank, helicopter, and more you can ride

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: Multiple soldiers can be seen alongside soldiers and a helicopter and vehicle

Modern Warfare 2 is packed with vehicles for you to use as it combines small-scale combat with the larger Ground War experience. In fact, there are a lot of different types of modes in the game and within a number of them, you will be able to use Modern Warfare 2’s vehicles. From vehicles to help you get around and explore, to tanks and helicopters. Working with your team to outsmart and outpower your opponent will be key to winning a number of the larger-scale modes.


Modern Warfare 2 vehicles

Here are all 14 of the Modern Warfare 2 vehicles:

  • ATV
  • UTV 
  • Tactical Vehicle (TAC-V)
  • Hatchback
  • Chop Top
  • SUV 
  • Cargo Truck
  • Heavy Tank
  • Light Tank
  • APC 
  • Light Halo
  • Heavy Chopper
  • RHIB
  • Armoured Patrol Boat

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: the ATV can be seen

ATV – land vehicle

The ATV can hold one driver and two passengers with additional hop-on spots. It is the smallest and most nimble of the ground vehicles available in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: the small UTV can be seen

UTV – land vehicle

The UTV is a more armoured version of the ATV. With a driver seat and three passenger seats, it is best used with your team off-road to traverse rough terrain. It also has great mobility and versatility, so you can get around easily.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: both versions of the TAC-V can be seen

Tactical Vehicle (TAC-V) – land vehicle

With three passenger seats and one driver seat, the TAC-V is the first of the highly-armoured vehicles. On top, there can be a mounted .50 cal machine gun that can mow down enemies or destroy vehicles. The vehicle is also capable of handling a variety of terrain.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The hatchback can be seen

Hatchback  – land vehicle

This car holds four people and is a civilian vehicle with armour plating around it to enhance protection as you and your team travel around the map.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The chop top can be seen

Chop Top – land vehicle

This open-air, off-road vehicle is versatile and built for rapid movement between objectives as your drive around with your team.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The SUV can be seen

Suv – land vehicle

The SUV is a small 4×4 vehicle that can hold five people, including the driver. Used for a quick getaway or infiltration, it is better suited for those situations than combat.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The Cargo Truck can be seen

Cargo Truck – land vehicle

The cargo truck can be used for large-scale infiltrations or exfiltrations and can hold as many passengers as can fit on it. It is slow-moving and lacks protection, but a great way of transporting a lot of players to one area quickly.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The heavy tank can be seen

heavy Tank – land vehicle

The heavy tank is exclusive to Ground War and has space for a driver and .50 cal gunner who can deal immense amounts of damage to vehicles.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The light tank can be seen

Light Tank – land vehicle

This light tank is also exclusive to Ground War. It is far more manoeuvrable and has a multipurpose turret. So, while it has its perks, it is also far less strong, with light armour and an exposed gunner seat.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The APC can be seen

APC – land vehicle

The APC is the final Ground War exclusive land vehicle and it can hold a massive number of passengers: 12 in total. But, only six of them can be active, shooting, driving, or using the weapons on the tank. The rest will be sat in the vehicle, being transported.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The Light Halo can be seen

Light Halo – air vehicle

The Light Halo can hold four passengers and a pilot and is used for transporting groups of enemies around a map.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The heavy chopper can be seen

Heavy Chopper – air vehicle

The heavy chopper is the light halo’s big brother with a cargo bay for as many passengers as can fit in it. While not capable of outputting huge damage, it exists to stay airborne while it drops players off.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: The RHIB can be seen

RHIB – sea vehicle

The RHIB is a sea transport vehicle that can be used to transport players around the map. While not capable of dealing damage, it is a great way of navigating in-between objectives or landmarks.

Modern Warfare 2 Vehicles: an armoured boat can be seen

Armoured Patrol boat – sea vehicle

The Armoured Patrol Boat is the adult version of the RHIB capable of holding more players and packing a powerful mounted .50 cal machine gun.

As you can see, there is a pretty wide and diverse list of vehicles in Modern Warfare 2 covering the air, land, and sea. And, of course, all of these can be found throughout the various maps and modes that accommodate them.

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