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Modern Warfare 2 has a black market involving burgers and beef jerky

In the hunt for the Sasquatch and Burger Town operator skins, Modern Warfare 2 players are trading promo codes from Burger King, Jack Links, and more

Modern Warfare 2 sasquatch skin promos: An operator in a red mask aims a red gun

Modern Warfare 2 is finally here, and while most players’ attention will turn swiftly towards the multiplayer action and unlocking some of the best MW2 guns, those that love to deck out their operator have been busy setting up an international trade network for various promo codes.

Over on the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, there have been numerous posts from players in various countries who are desperate for free operator skins that are part of promos they can’t experience. While they are frequently taken down after deals have been done, they’re consistently cropping up.

For the launch of MW2, there have been multiple promotions between Activision and brands like MTN Dew and Little Caesars, with rewards ranging from double XP tokens to the aforementioned operator skins. However, most are region locked, and are not accessible to all players. This has resulted in players selling their reward codes or setting up trade deals with each other so that everyone can get these cosmetics and XP tokens.

The most common example involves the two promotions that offer up highly-desirable operator skins. Firstly, there’s MW2’s partnership with beef jerky brand Jack Links, which is available only in North America, and lets players earn a bunch of rewards, including the Sasquatch operator skin for Reyes that resembles a ghillie suit. In various other countries but excluding the United States, there is the partnership with Burger King and Hungry Jack’s. This promo lets players earn double XP tokens and a Burger Town-inspired operator skin for Conor.

MW2 players are keen not to miss out on these two operator skins, as there is a chance they will never be obtainable again.

While players on the subreddit are going out of their way to try and help players get these region-locked skins, the demand for them has also spilled over onto auction sites like eBay. Currently, there are dozens of listings on the site flogging mainly the Burger King promo codes, with prices starting at around $20. Listings for the even harder to obtain Jack Links promo skin are starting at around $60.

To take a look at some cosmetics that you can grind for, rather than pay for, check out some of the MW2 camo challenges that you can complete to spruce up your armory.