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Modern Warfare 2 Burger Town skin can be earned at Burger King

A promotion between Activision and Burger King can see players earn free Modern Warfare 2 rewards, including double XP and a Burger Town-themed operator skin

MW2 burger town skin: A soldier with a concerned expression aims his weapon

Ahead of the full launch of Modern Warfare 2, a brand new promotional campaign with fast food chain Burger King has been spotted – and of course it ties in with the CoD series’ own spinoff chain, Burger Town.

The promotion will allow players in some regions that buy an MW2-branded meal at Burger King (or Hungry Jacks, if you’re in Australia) to earn both a one-hour Double XP token and a free operator skin. The Modern Warfare 2 operator in question appears to be Conor (judging by the moustache), but we’ll update this if official communications from Activision prove that to be wrong. The skin will deck him out in a t-shirt sporting the logo of Burger Town. This of course will also be usable in Warzone 2 when it releases next month.

This echoes a similar operator skin for Rodion in Modern Warfare 2019, where he would also wear a Burger Town-themed t-shirt. The only differences are that Rodion’s is in Russian, due to the tie-in with Verdansk, and that it wasn’t earned by picking up a Whopper.

Note that this promotion is not available everywhere – we’re awaiting official confirmation of all the regions, but so far the promo has been spotted in European countries like France and The Netherlands, and in Australia. Charlie Intel claims that it will span 40 countries.

We’re also not sure how long it’ll run for in every country, but Kotaku’s Australian site is reporting that the Hungry Jacks promotion will end on November 28, so it looks like it will last around a month.

Around the launch of 2019’s Modern Warfare, Burger King transformed one of its LA restaurants into a Burger Town, and before that it also offered in-game rewards for Black Ops 4 players who ordered through DoorDash. Activision Blizzard also recently partnered with Burger King’s arch nemesis by hooking up McDonald’s customers in Australia with free Overwatch 2 skins.

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