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MW2 streamer gets world’s first Polyatomic camo in under a week

Twitch streamer Reidboyy has become the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 player to unlock the Polyatomic mastery camo after a mammoth grind

MW2 polyatomic camo: A bearded operator holding a rifle as soldiers exit a helicopter behind him

Just over 24 hours ago, we reported that Twitch streamer ‘Reidboyy’ became the first Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 player to unlock gold camo on every gun. Well, in the world of camo grinding, time really does fly – he’s already ticked all the Platinum camos off too, and become the first player to slap a Polyatomic mastery camo on a weapon.

115 hours after Modern Warfare 2’s servers sparked into life last week, Reidboyy had completed his goal of getting Gold on all the MW2 guns. Now, 149 hours in, the streamer has Platinum on every weapon, which on completion unlocks individual challenges for each weapon to get Polyatomic.

The first Polyatomic camo challenge to be completed by Reidboyy was on the RALL MG, and after spending a few minutes racking up some headshots, he’s now the proud owner of the first Polyatomic weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

This is a pretty monumental achievement, and Reidboyy now has his sights set on ticking off all the Polyatomic challenges to unlock Orion, the final mastery camo, and completing all of those challenges too.

Moments after unlocking Polyatomic, Reidboyy took time to commend Infinity Ward for this year’s camo system, which is not only far more accessible and forgiving than previous years, but has been relatively bug free as well.

“I just unlocked it flawlessly,” he tells his viewers. “I did not run into a single glitch besides one single problem that was fixed within 24 hours, so on god shout out to IW for doing it the right way and doing a good job.”

The Twitch streamer has seen significant growth in viewers and followers since the launch of MW2, and currently has over 2,000 subs on his channel.

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