Twitch streamer gets Gold camo on every MW2 weapon in under five days

A Call of Duty streamer on Twitch has achieved the feat off unlocking Modern Warfare 2's Gold camo on all 51 weapons in the game - in just 115 hours

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A Call of Duty streamer has completed Gold camo challenges on every single Modern Warfare 2 weapon, less than five days since the game launched.

Seemingly the first person in the world to achieve this on MW2, ‘Reidboyy’ has had a Twitch stream running since the first moments the servers went live in New Zealand last week. At the exact moment he unlocked Gold on the 51st and final weapon (in his case, the Lachmann Sub) his stream timer indicated 114 hours and 57 minutes. What’s more impressive is that this timer kept running while Reidboyy was away getting a few precious hours of sleep in between some marathon grinding sessions.

“Fuck, now what do I do?” Reidboyy says to over 6,000 viewers that witnessed the moment he completed his mission. The Gold MW2 camo challenge has also seen him rack up 10,000 new Twitch followers (according to stats on Twitch Tracker) and gain over 1,600 subscribers.

Even before the launch of Modern Warfare 2, Reidboyy had spoken into existence grinding all the weapons’ Gold camo challenges in record time. “Gimme a week. Tops,” he tweeted the day before the servers went live. He set the tone immediately by unlocking Gold on the M4 within about two hours.

So, after almost five days of grinding, you’d expect the streamer to now take at least a little break away from MW2 to revel in his achievements, right? Wrong. At the time of writing, Reidboyy is still keeping that timer running and has swiftly moved onto clearing the Platinum challenges on all 51 weapons.

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