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MW2 issues survey on movement following positive XDefiant response

Activision is interested in tweaking movement in Modern Warfare 2, as a new survey arrives following the positive response to XDefiant's COD-like gameplay.

Ghost on the Himmelmatt Expo map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Season 3

Modern Warfare 2 players want to see many features in the latest COD entry, but restoring the ‘movement era’ could easily top that list. Slide cancelling and more agile turns delighted players in the 2019 reboot, but those days are long gone. Now, following the success of XDefiant, Activision appears to be taking notes on the response Ubisoft has garnered in its multiplayer shooter.

With the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 Season 3, players returning for the latest COD update are more critical than ever, as Ubisoft FPS XDefiant promises MW2-style thrills with satisfying traversal. Redditor ‘x-Poke-X’ notes that “Call of Duty is sending out surveys on movement and gameplay speeds”, a commonplace area of complaint for MW2. Their observation is accompanied by a tweet from the COD community account ‘ModernWarzone‘, showcasing a survey screenshot detailing questions regarding sliding speed, sprint-to-fire speed, and mantling.

While it might be a well-intentioned pivot from Activision, many players are quick to note that it feels like a response to the XDefiant, which has curried favour with many FPS fans. “XDefiant must be giving them a bit of a scare,” says ‘doge_gobrtt’. Another player, ‘DanHarkinz’, jokes about Infinity Ward monitoring XDefiant’s success from afar: “Uh let’s get a pulse check on the community.”

Call of Duty are sending out surveys on movement and gameplay speeds
by u/X-_poke_-X in ModernWarfareII

XDefiant has already made a splash on the FPS scene, no doubt in part to former COD esports player Patrick ‘Aches’ Price serving as a developer for Ubisoft on the game. Aches has been vocal on social media about the game’s goals, explaining that he wants “to address and provide context for everyone to see and give feedback […]we do not want to limit the player from utilizing great movement[…] the goal is simple, prevent abusive play while still maintaining a fun.”

Tweaking Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay would naturally have residual effects on Call of Duty Warzone 2, as both experiences share the same game engine. However, Call of Duty fans are welcoming this potential change with open arms. COD player ‘Gamamaster101‘ expresses that “just like a 10 per cent speed increase to gun movements would go a long way.” Fellow enthusiast ‘Vossil’ adds “I hate the reload times in MW2, quick hands is basically mandatory.”

Whether Activision implements these tweaks in response to XDefiant remains to be seen, but it is evident that XDefiant’s success isn’t to be scoffed at. Have you tried your hand at XDefiant yet? Well, if you’re eager to see what the fuss is about, you’d be wise to equip the best XDefiant guns upon booting up. Pair them with these excellent XDefiant controller settings and you’re off to the races.