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MW2 Inkblot bundle is a COD treat for Zack Snyder movie fans

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded is headed to PS5 and Xbox soon, and this divisive COD store bundle may be what Zack Snyder fans are looking for in battle.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Inkblot COD Store skin bundle

There are plenty of COD store bundles to purchase in Modern Warfare 2, all of them sporting zany and distinct visual designs far removed from Call of Duty’s realistic approach. Some players appreciate this more arcade-like style to the game’s skin economy, and if you’re a movie buff with a pining for the cinema of Zack Snyder – then this latest Modern Warfare 2 COD store bundle might be for you.

Though, not everyone is a big fan of the Modern Warfare 2 Inkblot bundle. Brought to the attention of the MW2 community over on the game’s subreddit, COD player ‘AstroKrunk’ claims that the Enigma skin for the Nova operator is basically a “dollar store Rorschach.” The Redditor is making reference to the grizzled anti-hero Walter ‘Rorschach’ Kovacs from the landmark limited comic book series Watchmen.

Created by Alan Moore in tandem with artist Dave Gibbons, the character is known for his iconic facemask that consistently changes to reflect different emotions in the style of an inkblot.

For Call of Duty players, however, the spin on that effect from developer Infinity Ward is considerably muted in comparison to the visual allure of Rorschach’s mask. Of course, this COD store bundle has no affiliation with the Watchmen comic book, but as wait for Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon game, it’ll make a good stopgap in the meanwhile. The effort put into the skin itself is leading MW2 fans to question its worth in-game, with Redditor ‘RIYADH-2002‘ saying this is “the most half-assed animation on the gun [skin].”

Dollar Store Rorschach?
by u/AstroKrunk in ModernWarfareII

Others believe that the inkblot design is rendered pointless by Modern Warfare 2’s first-person perspective. “I don’t get the point though it’s not like we can see our skins from the front,” says ‘Equivalent_Project97′. Aside from the game’s limited third-person mode playlists, players won’t be able to get the full visual benefit of the skin in the game’s traditional matchmaking.

If you’re a hardcore Zack Snyder fan, you might get something of this skin. Or you could fire up the ole’ PlayStation 3 and download Watchmen The End Is Nigh. We recommend checking out the list of upcoming PS5 games instead.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded arrives soon, bringing new content to the game, including the third Raid episode, Kevin Durant’s COD skin, and new multiplayer map Alboran Hatchery.