Does Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone integration?

Are you wondering if Modern Warfare 2 has Warzone integration? Here are all the details about being able to play the classic BR in the latets game

Does Modern Warfare 2 Have Warzone: Players can be sene in Warzone

Does Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone? Players who have been used to booting up Warzone right from the latest game in the series may be surprised to see that the original game isn’t there this time.

But, is this a bug? Will it be added in the coming days and weeks? Or, will you be relegated to opening up the game from your PS5 or Xbox console menu in order to dominate with some of the best guns and weapons? Find out below.

Does Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone integration?

Modern Warfare 2 does not have Warzone integration for the original Warzone. That game is being left in the past. However, Modern Warfare 2 will have integration with Warzone 2, once the Warzone 2 release date arrives.

So, if you are still playing Warzone, despite having a bevvy of new content to sift through in Modern Warfare 2, like maps, game modes, camo challenges to earn, and more, you will need to just boot up the game or an older Call of Duty title. The pain is real, having to take that extra step after enjoying easy access over the years.

So, despite Modern Warfare 2 not having Warzone integration, you can take a dive into our list of the best Warzone guns to keep you occupied until then. And, if you want more on Modern Warfare 2, check out our guide on how to rank up and level up fast to get and unlock new weapons.