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Modern Warfare 2 exploit lets you explore the Warzone 2 map early

If you're wondering why people are so excited for Warzone 2 and Al Mazrah, you can see the whole battle royale map for yourself with this exploit from JGOD

Modern Warfare 2 exploit explore Warzone 2 map: an image of Valeria looking angry

If you’re not excited about the fact that a Modern Warfare 2 World Cup LTM is coming and it could be Uplink, maybe you’re a Call of Duty fan who’s looking forward to the Warzone 2 release date instead – which is perfectly fine. If you’re sitting there wondering why everyone’s so excited about this upcoming battle royale, though, there’s actually a way you can see why for yourself.

What do we mean by this? Well, Call of Duty wizard ‘JGOD’ has actually taken advantage of a popular Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer exploit to escape an Invasion map based on a section of the new Warzone 2 map – which then lets you fully explore the environment around it and the larger battle royale map.

Now, we know you’re probably here looking for a way to replicate this yourself – which we totally understand – but we can’t actually tell exactly how JGOD does it from inside a helicopter. In Modern Warfare 2’s other multiplayer modes, players have been triggering the “god mode” exploit by blocking an unidentified amount of damage from a killstreak – like a VTOL or a Chopper Gunner – with a Riot Shield.

As you can see in JGOD’s footage here, he is using a Riot Shield to block some sort of damage – but it’s far from obvious if you’re looking for specifics. Still, thanks to the momentum of a moving helicopter, JGOD is able to get through the unusually short out of bounds warning and into the wider Al Mazrah map.

So, if you want to try this for yourself, you don’t actually need to be using one of the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts – you just need a Riot Shiled, a helicopter, and a dream. It’s also worth noting that we don’t know if you can actually run around in Al Mazrah. But, it’s great for a bird’s eye view of some of the POIs.

It’s also worth noting that we reckon this will be patched out quite soon – especially when you consider the fact that someone with a following as large as JGOD is highlighting what is clearly an unintentional exploit. Still, with rumours that some players have already spotted old Call of Duty multiplayer maps like Dome and Highrise in Al Mazrah, it’s safe to say we’re excited.

You can find out more about the new Warzone 2 map here, if you’re looking for details, or seven Warzone 2 changes you probably didn’t know about yet here. It’s always worth being prepared, right?