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Fan-favourite camo set to return in MW2, but there’s a catch

Modern Warfare 2 welcomes the legendary Damascus camo back for Call of Duty players, but the fan-favourite MW2 weapon skin comes at a cost

Soap operator in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 using the M4 with a Damascus Camo background

The Modern Warfare 2 camo grind can be brutal, but a beloved COD camo from Infinity Ward’s 2019 Call of Duty reboot is returning. Yes, the beautiful Damascus weapon camo is set to appear in the MW2 in-game store. Though, there is a catch to wielding this glorious skin.

While the latest COD makes acquiring Gold camo for your best Modern Warfare 2 guns a breeze this time, you’ll be sweating it through matches to get your hands on Polyatomic or Orion. In Modern Warfare 2’s mastery camo predecessor, Damascus, was equally as appealing to get hold of. If chipping at each camo set isn’t your thing, then you’ll be glad to know that Damascus is arriving in the MW2 in-game store.

According to Redditor ‘beefycthu’, Damascus will allegedly appear in the MW2 store as part of the second Damascus Forge bundle. The bundle has yet to be confirmed for release by the devs, but the cunning COD player has seemingly managed to access the camo early. While the return of Damascus will excite plenty of MW2 players, don’t get too excited about it just yet.

Here’s the Damascus Forge skin that’s coming to the store soon from ModernWarfareII

If you’re planning on using the skin with your best Warzone 2 guns or favourite Kastov-74u loadout, you’ll end up disappointed. Like other weapon bundles seen in the MW2 in-game store, purchased camos are strictly exclusive to specific guns. That means you won’t be able to apply the Damascus camo to every gun in the game, sadly.

Similar to the Polyatomic camo in MW2, Damascus was earned by completing Gold and Platinum camo challenges in the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot.

For now, the Damascus camo will only be applicable to your Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout. So it’s not all bad, as the Chimera is a dependable and versatile assault rifle in the COD pantheon. However, if the skin’s exclusivity doesn’t phase you, we estimate that like the first Damascus Forge bundle, it will cost around 1500 COD points.

You’ll need to top up at least £16.59/$19.99 onto your account in this case, giving you 2400 COD points in return. Thankfully, this MW2 bundle can be rinsed for cheap COD points.