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Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout best attachments and class setup

Get an idea of the best Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout, attachments, and class setup so you can dominate with the well-known AR.

Modern Warfare 2 Chimera Loadout: The Chimera can be seen

The Chimera is a hard-hitting, fast-firing, damage-dealing AR that has arrived in Modern Warfare 2 and everyone is keen to get to grips with it and find a setup that works well. Thankfully, we have a solid suggestion for the best Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout.

Below, we will give you a loadout suggestion beyond the weapon so you can build a class that lets you excel and rack up Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks. We will also help you build a solid loadout for the gun which incorporates the in-built suppressor, which makes it one of the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles.

Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout

When it comes to building a loadout, something aggressive is best and the best Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout can be found below, as recommended by ‘WhosImmortal‘.

  • Receiver: M4
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot
  • Stock: RAVAGE-8
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Flash Grip
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56

As WhosImmortal says in his video below, the weapon is aggressive, so you will want to play to its strengths and start off with the simple Cronen Mini Red Dot or whichever sight suits your preference. The inbuilt suppressor means that running a barrel or muzzle just isn’t optimal, so instead, you want to kick things off with the VLK LZR 7MW.

This will give you faster ADS and faster sprint-to-fire speeds. Following on from that, the FTAC Ripper 56 will boost stability and recoil stabilisation, which is key to being able to run around with this weapon and still remain accurate and on target.

Boosting your movement, even more, the RAVAGE-8 stock will boost your ADS speed, sprint speed, and crouch movement speed if you do need to slow down the pace of the game. Finally, the Bruen Flash Grip provides one more mobility notch in your belt.

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Best Modern Warfare 2 class setup

With the Chimera being an incredibly reliable weapon, you are going to want to use a sidearm that can help finish off an enemy or take on that last team member in a group. So, we’d recommend using the Basilisk. It is powerful and able to kill incredibly quickly if an enemy is already weak.

Then, when it comes to equipment. The usual setup of Drill Charges, Flashbangs, or Stuns is a good reliable accompaniment to the weapon. Field Upgrades are really up to you, but something like Dead Silence or Battle Rage is a good pick given how much you will be running around the map with this gun.

Then, to finish things off for Perks you are going to want to start off with Double Time to boost your sprint even more than what is possible with the weapon attachments you have chosen. Then, Bomb Squad or Battle Hardened is a good backup protecting you against equipment. In the bonus tier, Fast Hands dominates and is still top-tier so you should be running with that, while for ultimate perks Ghost or Bird’s Eye are good choices for this aggressive class.

And there you have it, our choice for the best Modern Warfare 2 Chimera loadout. With this setup, you should have no problem winning matches or getting high streaks. If you are looking for even more top weapons in the game, our list of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and weapons has some choices to help you out.