Bright Memory Infinite Game Pass: is the game coming to Game Pass?

Here's what we know about Bright Memory Infinite coming to Game Pass for PC or Xbox consoles

Bright Memory Infinite Game Pass: Shelia can be seen punching an enemy that is in front of her.

Bright Memory Infinite has been on everyone’s radar since it was showcased by Microsoft during their Spring Showcase in 2020. This fusion of first-person shooting and combo-based action aims to be the Devil May Cry of the FPS genre and has so far looked stunning in every trailer.

The brief prequel, Bright Memory, released last year on Xbox and was met with a mixed reception. Although the visuals and gameplay blew people away, the performance and polish of the game left a lot to be desired. Nevertheless, Bright Memory Infinite is the full fledged game. It releases on PC in November 2021, with an Xbox release coming shortly after. As you’d expect, Xbox players want to know if they can get stuck into the action via Game Pass.

Read on to see what we know about FYQD Studio‘s plans to bring the Bright Memory Infinite to Game Pass and when you can expect the Xbox release of the game.

Bright Memory Infinite Game Pass

Bright Memory Infinite is currently not planned to be available with Game Pass when it launches on PC or Xbox.

The game’s initial launch on PC is not planned for the Microsoft Store, so it won’t be available through Game Pass on there. As for Xbox, that version is set to release soon after the PC version, but FYQD Studio hasn’t suggested that they plan to bring the game to Game Pass either.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect Bright Memory Infinite to release on Game Pass when it initially comes out. However, there is a chance Playism could bring the game to Game Pass later down the line in 2022.

That covers what we know about Bright Memory Infinite on Game Pass. While you wait for the first-person shooter to hit the service, why not checkout some of the other shooters you can play right now in our breakdown of the Game Pass games.