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Is Bright Memory Infinite on Game Pass?

Here's what you need to know about Bright Memory Infinite coming to Game Pass for Xbox consoles or PC.

Bright Memory Infinite Game Pass: Shelia can be seen punching an enemy that is in front of her.

Bright Memory Infinite was an underrated FPS that was released back in January 2019. This fusion of first-person shooting and combo-based action aimed to be the Devil May Cry of the FPS genre – which it ultimately did quite well.

Given it went under the radar for many people, a Bright Memory Infinite Game Pass release would surely give it a resurgence. Before that though, check out all the Xbox Game Pass games you can play right now.

Is Bright Memory Infinite on Game Pass?

Bright Memory Infinite is not currently available on Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, there is yet to be any announcement stating it will be on the service in the future.

Yes, unfortunately, that means you can’t enjoy Bright Memory Infinite through Xbox Game Pass – at least right now. While there has yet to be any news regarding it joining the subscription, it would be a perfect addition. For those who played it, Bright Memory Infinite could be argued to be one of the best FPS games – we found it to be a blast and it certainly looks the part. We don’t recommend holding out for it to arrive, though it certainly is possible.

Don’t fret though. While Bright Memory Infinite isn’t available right now, there is plenty more to enjoy as part of your subscription. Take a look at the best Xbox Game Pass games as well as the new Xbox Game Pass games if you’re struggling to choose.