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Is Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass?

Is Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass? Find out if you can play the multiplayer game via the service right now or anytime soon on Xbox and PC

Battlefield 2042 Xbox Game Pass: a fighter jet flies through the skies

It’s safe to say that Battlefield 2042 didn’t land well back in 2021. But, with that flawed release is the game on or coming to Xbox’s subscription service anytime soon? Well, this article will tell you what you need to know about if Battlefield 2042 is on Game Pass.

Below, we will talk about EA Play and the fact that the game will come to that service, as well as whether or not all tiers of the subscription will be able to download the shooter using it. So, be sure to read below.

Is Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass?

Battlefield 2042 is available via Game Pass on November 22, 2022, alongside the launch of Season 3, as confirmed by EA. The game will be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on both Xbox and PC through the partnership with EA Play.

Currently, all the previous Battlefield games are available through this service, so you will be able to run through the series and hop between games as and when you like once it comes out.

That’s all we know about Battlefield 2042 on Game Pass so far, but we’ll update this guide as we hear more information. For now though, make sure to check out our guides on Battlefield 2042 specialists, Battlefield 2042 maps, and the Battlefield 2042 guns if you want to hop in through Game Pass.