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Battlefield 2042’s beta featured 94,698 tornadoes

Battlefield 2042's beta created some remarkable statistics

Battlefield 2042’s open beta was a little rough around the edges, to say the least, but that didn’t stop hordes of players piling in to try out some Conquest on Orbital. Today, EA has released an infographic showing some of the stats from the beta, and it makes for interesting reading.

First off, EA claims that over 17 billion bullets were fired during the Battlefield 2042 beta. While we certainly don’t dispute that number, we do have to ask: ‘Why on earth are you tracking that?’ Moving on to some more tangible (and useful) stats, we can see that the M5A3 assault rifle was the most popular weapon available in the beta. Meanwhile, to no one’s surprise, Mackay’s Grappling Hook was the most used gadget, while the MD540 Nightbird helicopter was the most popular vehicle.

Speaking of Mackay, his Grappling Hook was fired over 111 million times during the beta, and the stats show this was a huge amount of usage compared to the gadgets of the other available Battlefield 2042 specialists.

Battlefield 2042’s very own good bois – sorry, Rangers – were also extremely popular during the beta. Apparently over 10 million were summoned by players from the vehicle call-in touchpad, and with the amount of the robotic doggos we saw roaming about, we’re not surprised at that statistic.

The most fun stats though refer to Orbital, the only map featured in the beta. While some players – such as The Loadout’s very own disgruntled editor – went the entire beta without seeing one of those spectacular tornadoes, it’s claimed that over 94,000 were witnessed by players.

When it comes to Orbital’s rocket, it managed to successfully launch 380,283 times, but players managed to blow it to smithereens and stop it launching over 58,000 times. If you’re wondering how to blow up the rocket on Orbital for future reference, it just requires a hell of a lot of bullets and tank shells…

While the beta was clearly extremely popular (let’s face it, you can’t not be popular when 10.8 million good bois were called in) what players will really be looking for is assurance that some of its biggest issues will be patched up in time for the Battlefield 2042 release date. A blog post will be released next week in which player feedback and learnings from the beta will be discussed in detail.