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The best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout

Trying to work out what the best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout is? Take a look at ours, complete with the best attachments, gadgets, and specialist classes.

Best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout: Boris holding an AK-24

 Battlefield 2042 is no longer receiving major updates and additional content. However, this AK-24 loadout is still usable.

The AK-24 is an old but reliable weapon in Battlefield 2042. The assault rifle isn’t as fancy as some of the guns utilized by the No-Pats in this futuristic warzone, but it can be devastating in the right hands. If you’re looking to make an impact in All-Out Warfare, you should consider using the best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout.

That’s because, despite having a slower fire rate than the best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 loadout, the AK-24’s damage output is higher. Sure, the recoil is a bit more difficult to manage, but with the right attachments, you could rank it among the best Battlefield 2042 guns – though we’d still rather the M5A3 or the SFAR.

If we’ve piqued your interest, read on for the best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout, complete with the attachments, gadgets, and class specialists you’ll want to pair up with this old reliable to give you the edge online.

Best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout

The best Battlefield 2042 AK-24 build is:

  • Bravo 3x
  • Warhawk Compensator
  • Standard Issue / Drum Mag
  • Cobra Grip

The AK-24 is at its best when built with medium engagements in mind. These attachments will have you perfectly optimized to take – and defend – multiple objectives across the Battlefield 2042 maps.

For the sight, we’ve chosen the Bravo 3x scope as it’s perfect for fighting enemies at mid-range. The Fusion Holo is a great option for your Plus Menu, as it allows you to have a scope for close-quarters combat – perfect if you need to clear out buildings. Remember though, the AK-24’s slower rate of fire will see it lose out in a 1v1 against popular weapons like the M5A3.

For the barrel, we’ve opted for the Warhawk Compensator which helps with recoil control. You can have a suppressor on your Plus Menu if you’d like, but the Warhawk should be your default as it’s great for the AK-24’s intended range.

The Standard Issue / Drum Mag is our default option for ammunition, as it gives you plenty of ammunition to play with. High-Power rounds are a great secondary option as they boost the firepower of the AK-24.

The Cobra Grip is our choice for the fourth slot, simply because it helps control the AK-24’s recoil – which at times, can be unmanageable.

Best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout: An AK-24 Plus Menu showing the various stowed attachments.

Best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout gadget

As the AK-24 is a slow-firing rifle, you’ll want to think long and hard about what gadget you’re going to pair up with the gun. Of course, there are plenty of gadgets to pick from – and what you choose might depend on the roles of your squad – but for this, we’d recommend the IBA Armor Plate. This does mean that you’ll have to play Assault to get this gadget, though more on that in a moment.

IBA Armor Plate will give you a bit more protection in the field, which is handy if you end up on facing the barrel of our best K30 Battlefield 2042 loadout.

Other great options include the Med Crate, Ammo Crate, Prox Sensor, and SPH Explosive Launcher, depending on what class you’re playing.

Best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout specialist classes

You can’t go wrong with any of the classes and specialists on offer, particularly as there’s so much variation, though we do have our favorites when it comes to this AK-24 loadout.

Support character Boris is a great choice as he comes with an SG-36 Sentry System which will automatically spot and engage enemies within a certain area.

On the other hand, there are a handful of strong Assault pairings. Irish’s Veteran trait will give you a bit more armor to play with, while Mackay and Skydance are perfect for reaching advantageous positions.

So there you have it, our best AK-24 Battlefield 2042 loadout. As you can see, the assault rifle can swing the tides in your favour with the right attachments.