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Back 4 Blood voice actors and cast

See the full list of Back 4 Blood voice actors which lend their talent to Turtle Rock's zombie shooter.

9 cleaners can be seen standing alongside one another.

02/02/2023 Developer Turtle Rock Studios has discontinued support for Back 4 Blood, though it is still playable.

Back 4 Blood‘s voice actors did a great job of voicing the wild and wacky collection of characters you play called Cleaners. Each with their own distinct personality and aspects that made them unique, everyone had their favourite from the no-nonsense Mom to college student Holly who held the team of Cleaners together.

All of these voice actors did a great job of bringing vigor and energy to the best Back 4 Blood characters and really helped the game stand out during the moments of running, scrambling, zombie-shooting, and looting.

Back 4 Blood voice actors

With 12 Cleaners in Back 4 Blood, there was a variety of characters to choose from and get to know. Here are the Back 4 Blood voice actors that voiced the main playable characters:

  • Abby Trott as Karlee
  • Alan Ayala as Evangelo
  • André Sogliuzzo as Jim
  • Barbara Crampton as Mom
  • Danielle Judovits as Holly
  • Michelle Wong as Doc
  • William Christopher Stephens as Walker
  • William Salyers as Hoffman
  • James Sie as Heng
  • Matthew Waterson as ‘Prophet’ Dan
  • Gina Keali’inohomoku Bowes as Sharice
  • Dalia Rooni as Tala Yazdi

Elsewhere, there were also some smaller roles and enemies in Back 4 Blood that you might recognize as well:

  • André Sogliuzzo as additional voices
  • Becky Boxer as Tina (Jenny)
  • Elias Toufexis as Garner
  • Michelle C. Bonilla as Coach / Survivor Female 2 / Female Guard 2
  • Mike Vaughn as The Ridden / additional voices

So, that covers all the Back 4 Blood voice actors for the main roles and other important characters. Take a look at Back 4 Blood’s Ridden and all the Back 4 Blood cards to be prepared for your next zombie-slaying mission.