Back 4 Blood voice actors and cast

See the full list of Back 4 Blood voice actors which lend their talent to Turtle Rock's new shooter

9 cleaners can be seen standing alongside one another.

Back 4 Blood‘s voice actors have done a great job of voicing a wild and wacky collection of characters you can play as called Cleaners. Each with their own distinct personality and aspects that make them unique, everyone will have their favourite from the no-nonsense Mom to college student Holly who holds the team of Cleaners together.

All of these voice actors do a great job of bringing vigour and energy to their characters and really help Back 4 Blood stand out during the moments of running, scrambling, zombie-shooting, and looting.

Due to these excellent performances, players are keen to know just which voice actors are playing which Cleaners so that they can either follow their other work in games and TV, or let them know how great their performances are in Back 4 Blood.


With nine Cleaners in Back 4 Blood, there are a variety of characters to choose from and get to know. Here are the Back 4 Blood voice actors which have been announced so far:

Elsewhere, there are also some smaller roles or enemy types in Back 4 Blood that have had their voice actors confirmed:

So, that covers all the Back 4 Blood voice actors we know about as of now. We will have a lot of coverage on Turtle Rock‘s PvE and PvP shooter later this year, but for now you can see a full rundown of Back 4 Blood’s Ridden ahead of the Back 4 Blood release date.

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