Back 4 Blood how to unlock outfits for the Cleaners

Exactly how do you unlock new outfits and skins for the Cleaners? Here is how to unlock outfits in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood How To Unlock Outfits: Holly can be seen standing with a spiked baseball bat resting on her shoulders.

Back 4 Blood drops you into its experience with very little in the way of tutorials or tips to guide you through. Whether it’s showing you how to unlock some of the best cards in the game or, most importantly for those who want to look the part, how to customise your Cleaners. One way you can bring some life and personality to each of them is to change their outfits, but it isn’t clear how to unlock outfits for each of the Cleaners in the game.

We have spent the early access period running through the game’s campaign a few times and have managed to work out just how you can unlock outfits in Back 4 Blood, whether you are playing as Holly, Hoffman, Mom, or any of the other Back 4 Blood characters.

Read on to see more about Back 4 Blood’s outfits, including how to unlock them using the game’s progression mechanics which are available when playing online with other players.

Back 4 Blood how to unlock outfits

In Back 4 Blood, outfits can be unlocked by completing the game’s Supply Lines. The outfits are usually the final reward in a Supply Line chain.

These Supply Lines offer cards, emblems, and more and can be unlocked with Supply Points, which are earned at the end of each mission you complete.

Back 4 Blood How To Unlock Outfits: The Supply Line vendor can be seen sitting on her bench in Fort Hope.

You can head to the Supply Lines vendor in Fort Hope, or access them via your menu. Each Supply Line has different rewards so check what is available before you start investing your points.

Keep in mind that if you play in Solo Campaign mode all progression is disabled, so you can’t earn Supply Points and, in turn, can’t unlock any new outfits. Turtle Rock is looking into a way to change this in the future though.

That covers how to unlock outfits in Back 4 Blood. For more tips on the game as you play, take a look at some of the best cards in Back 4 Blood and also the best weapons you can use to take on the Ridden.