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Back 4 Blood Hoffman build - the cards you need to equip

Our Back 4 Blood Hoffman build will have you blowing up zombies in style and supporting your team.

Back 4 Blood Hoffman build: Hoffman reloads a pistol

02/02/2023 Developer Turtle Rock Studios has discontinued support for Back 4 Blood, though it is still playable.

Curious about the best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build? With Hoffman’s eagled-eye ability to spot ammunition from a mile off, this Back 4 Blood character is one of the best in the game. But if you’re struggling to keep him alive in the later stages of the game, don’t worry – with a few of the best Back 4 Blood cards, you can turn Hoffman into a killing machine.

Hoffman is a great Cleaner to have in your team because he has a chance to find ammo when he kills Ridden, plus he always starts with an ammo pack, and he can carry an extra offensive weapon from the off. He also grants the team 15% max team ammo capacity – something that comes in handy in any Back 4 Blood Hoffman build as the game ramps up in difficulty.

To get the best out of this doomsday prepper, you’ll need to curate a custom deck that’ll help boost his damage output and his trauma resistance. In other words, you’ll need to turn him into your team’s biggest hitter.

With that in mind, read on for the best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build, complete with the cards you’ll need to pick heading into your next mission.

Back 4 Blood Hoffman build

As mentioned above, Hoffman’s strength lies in his firepower. His offensive weapon slot, ammo crate, and ammunition-focused trait make him the perfect person to carry all of the big guns.

To get the best out of Hoffman, you’ll need to select 15 cards that ensure every shot packs a punch and that he can carry ammo for both himself and the rest of his team.

Here is the best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build:

  • Two Is One And One Is None
  • In The Zone
  • Confident Killer
  • Pep In Your Step
  • Reload Drills
  • Broadside
  • Combat Training
  • Offensive Scavenger
  • Silver Bullets
  • Combat Training
  • Large Caliber Rounds
  • Ammo Mule
  • Grenade Pouch
  • Double Grenade Pouch
  • Cocky

Best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build: Hoffman carries a Ranch Rifle as he moves forward with two other Cleaners.

The card that tops this Back 4 Blood Hoffman build list is Two Is One And One Is None. This is a must-have card if you’re playing Hoffman as it’ll allow him to carry two primary weapons at the cost of weapon swap – something we’ve negated with the Cocky card. You’ll need to check out our list of the best Back 4 Blood weapons for specific information on every gun in the game, but we’d opt for an LMG and a shotgun to gun down the hordes with this card.

The other cards in this deck do two main things: increase Hoffman’s damage output by increasing factors like bullet penetration and increase his offensive weapon arsenal. While this means you’ll be going through a hell of a lot of ammo and utility, Hoffman’s trait of finding ammunition and the Offensive Scavenger card means you’ll be able to pick things up as you progress through each and every level.

If you pair this deck with the best Back 4 Blood Holly build, Hoffman will be complemented with a zippy but melee-focused Cleaner who will carve a path through the Ridden.

So there you have it, our best Back 4 Blood Hoffman build. Use this custom deck for when you’ve got a thirst for blood. It’ll be worth it, trust us. If you’re not so sure, make sure to check out our best Back 4 Blood characters guide for more tips.