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Does Atomic Heart have a new game plus mode?

Find out if an Atomic Heart new game plus mode is available in the open-world FPS, so you can carry over what you have earned to a new playthrough.

Atomic Heart New Game Plus: A player can be seen using Telekinesis on an enemy

Atomic Heart is a pretty lengthy game and as you are playing you will pick up hundreds of items from gear to weapon, to healing materials and more. But, does the game allow you to carry that over into a new playthrough via Atomic Heart new game plus.

New game plus features are a great quality of life addition for any game, but especially for those that offer flexibility in how you craft your build, which Atomic Heart does. With a new game plus you will be able bring over your Atomic Heart weapons and resources. But, does Atomic Heart actually have the mode?

Atomic Heart does not have a new game plus mode currently. The only options when you roll credits are to load your last save to finish off any open-world activities or start a whole new playthrough on a new save file.

This may be disappointing to hear, especially as new game plus modes have become more and more common in recent years. But, there is a possibility that we could see it added in the future, in an update from Mundfish. They are already in the process of adding an Atomic Heart FOV slider, so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

But while we wait for an Atomic Heart new game plus mode, there is a lot you can get done in the game. This includes a lengthy list of objectives in the Atomic Heart missions list. For even more tips and guides on the game, check out our Atomic Heart walkthrough article.