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Atomic Heart missions list, objectives, quests

Are you looking for a full list of the Atomic Heart missions, objectives, and quests you will take on as you explore the open world?

Atomic Heart Missions: A robot can be seen

As you make your way through the Atomic Heart mission list you will come across many different objectives, fetch quests, and tasks you will need to complete. But, what does the full Atomic Heart missions list look like for the open-world FPS?

Well, to put it bluntly, the list is long and we obtained the information during our Atomic Heart review. Atomic Heart cycles through objectives incredibly fast, almost as much as you will cycle through different Atomic Heart weapons. So, you will need to prepare for the long haul as you will meet a number of Atomic Heart characters throughout the Atomic Heart length.

Atomic Heart missions list

The full Atomic Heart missions list, objectives, and quests are as follows:

  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • The Complex
  • Wanted Dead or Alive: Viktor Petrov
  • Not So Fast Major
  • In Hot Pursuit
  • In An Overgrown Park
  • Chronos Trigger
  • Everything Illuminated
  • They Want To Make A Green Mars
  • Into The Fire
  • March of Flowers
  • As You Sow, So Shall You Reap
  • Locked Inside With Hostiles
  • Run For Your Life
  • Breath of Fresh Air
  • Morning Express
  • Excellent
  • The Brave New World
  • A Glass, Darkly
  • Hands Off!
  • Made In The USSR
  • The Major, The Witch, and The Warehouse
  • She Sells Moustache On the Seashore
  • Tremors
  • Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears A Crown
  • Bug In The System
  • Show Must Go On
  • Petrov Of Opera
  • Sky’s The Limit
  • Sealed With Seven Seals
  • Combat Granny
  • Blood Courier
  • Everything Illuminated
  • The Nut House
  • Inconvenient Truth
  • Final

Objectives and missions don’t work like usual games and there is no mission screen or quest selection. The objectives simply cycle from one to the next as you play.

There you have it. That is everything we know about the Atomic Heart missions list. While the game is packed full of objectives, there is also quite a bit to do in the large open Atomic Heart map which you can read about in our Atomic Heart walkthrough article.