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Atomic Heart map size, activities, points of interest, more

Take a look at the Atomic Heart map, as well as the size of the open world and some of the locations you may be visiting in this alternate take on the USSR.

Atomic Heart map: Robots can be seen flying

Despite offering a variety of linear-based areas, the Atomic Heart map shows an open world with plenty of secrets to uncover and explore. As you pass by evil robots and Polymer enemies, you’ll want to know what awaits you in Facility 3826.

As you find out how to use scanner in Atomic Heart, and learn about the Atomic Heart difficulty options, you’ll make your way into the wide areas of Facility 3826. We spent a lot of time here during our Atomic Heart review, so if you’re hoping to learn more about the map for Atomic Heart, look no further.

Atomic Heart map size

The Atomic Heart map is fairly big, offering a variety of areas in Facility 3826 to uncover. You can see the full map of Atomic Heart below:

Atomic Heart’s areas aren’t clearly marked, but you can see that there are a few ‘Testing Areas’ scattered around. These are also known as Polygons, secret puzzle areas that offer a range of blueprints and materials to help you make the Atomic Heart best weapons.

You can also get around by finding vehicles to drive in, however, these aren’t clearly marked. You’ll need to head over to an abandoned car and see if the prompt comes up to use R1/RB on it and be able to drive it.

Atomic Heart map activities and points of interest

The Atomic Heart map regions offer a variety of points of interest to see, as well as some activities to enjoy:

  • Polygons (Testing Areas)
  • Monorail Station
  • Arena
  • Boat Station
  • Kollektiv Complex
  • Infirmary
  • Station 10
  • Dam

Aside from the Polygons, all of these areas are landmarks on the map that you can head to and visit. For example, the Arena, which is a large flat area where you might encounter one of the Atomic Heart bosses, is located near the Monorail Station. Across a large bridge, you can find the Infirmary landmark if you so wish too. Most of these landmarks are a quick drive away.

That’s everything you need to know about the Atomic Heart map. Why not find out the Atomic Heart best skills while you’re here, so you can make P-3 even more dangerous to these robots? And with all of those weapons you’ll be making, you’ll want to find out how to increase inventory in Atomic Heart so you can carry everything and more in our Atomic Heart walkthrough article.