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How to use scanner in Atomic Heart

You’ll want to keep your wits about you in this alternate USSR with so many evil robots about, so here’s how to use the scanner in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart how to use scanner: Player shooting rocket launcher at robots in Atomic Heart

There are plenty of secrets in this alternate version of Soviet Russia, so knowing how to use scanner in Atomic Heart will help you out. This feature you learn early on is the difference between surviving the robot apocalypse or becoming their victim.

We learned about Charles’ unique features during our Atomic Heart review, where we also found out the Atomic Heart best weapons and learned about the Atomic Heart best skills. However, that is a step ahead of where you are, so you need to find out how to use this feature, as it could save your life.

How to use scanner in Atomic Heart

To use the scanner in Atomic Heart, you’ll need to double-tap and then hold R1 or RB to scan and see through walls in Facility 3826. The game doesn’t make it very clear, but this is how to do it.

Using the scanner allows you to find items and chests in the world, as well as find and scan enemies that could cause you problems. Fortunately, scanning enemies allows you to also see their weaknesses, as well as what they are resistant to, so you can plan ahead.

The scanner is a very valuable tool in your arsenal, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll be using it regularly. It doesn’t cost energy to use thankfully, so you can scan as often as you like to your (Atomic) heart’s content.

That’s how to use a scanner in Atomic Heart. Make sure to check out the Atomic Heart best powers so you know which to wield as you deal with the enemies in Facility 3826. Also, find out even more tips while playing in our Atomic Heart walkthrough.

Developer Mundfish has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks after it was alleged that the Russian government stands to gain financially from the release of Atomic Heart. This is due to the fact that investors involved in the financing of Mundfish include GEM Capital, an investment fund whose founder has ties to Gazprom and VTB Bank, both of which are majority-owned by the Russian state. 

Mundfish is also partnering with VK (formerly Mail.RU) for the Russian release of Atomic Heart, evading sanctions on Steam – VK is also majority-owned by the Russian state through Gazprombank, and Mundfish’s CEO is a former Creative Director at Mail.RU.

With Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, many players are now choosing to boycott the game in protest and donate money to organisations like The Ukraine Crisis Appeal, International Rescue Committee, and the British Red Cross.