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Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Before you start surfing the sands and fighting monsters, find out whether the exciting Atlas Fallen is on Game Pass or not for Xbox and PC.

Atlas Fallen Game Pass: Main characters in Atlas Fallen key art in front of a desert background

There are a lot of games releasing right now, and unfortunately, we can’t buy them all. Even if they do look very interesting. So, if you’re excited about Deck13’s latest title, you may be wondering: Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

With the Atlas Fallen release date around the corner, we’re hoping the sands of the Calardias Desert are just as exciting as they were during our Atlas Fallen preview. But with games like Starfield releasing around the game’s launch, it won’t be enough to be one of the best co-op games, so is it on Xbox’s subscription service?

Is Atlas Fallen on Game Pass?

Atlas Fallen is not on Game Pass right now, with neither Xbox nor Focus Entertainment confirming if it would come post-launch. However, plenty of Focus Entertainment games have arrived on Game Pass, so it’s likely to come in the future.

Atlas Fallen is not a day-one Game Pass title, nor is it confirmed to be coming to the service in the future just yet. However, both of Deck13’s previous titles, The Surge games, have been on the service, and a range of other Focus Entertainment titles, like Atomic Heart and the A Plague Tale series have been part of the Game Pass library.

It all depends on Atlas Fallen’s sales. If they’re doing well without the subscription service, it could be a while until the game joins the growing service, if at all. However, if the game isn’t doing the best sales numbers, it’s fair to assume that the game will join Game Pass.

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However, if you’re looking for something new to play on the service, we know that you have plenty of the best Xbox Game Pass games left in your backlog, so you may as well play them while you wait for Atlas Fallen to join the service.

Now that you know Atlas Fallen isn’t on Game Pass, you should check out the full Game Pass games selection to see what you can play before the Starfield release date (which we know you’re waiting for). Or, feel free to check out the best Xbox Series X games to push your new console to the limit.