As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors

Looking for a rundown of confirmed the As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors? Here is everyone who plays a main character in the unique narrative-adventure game

As Dusk Falls Cast Voice Actors: Three members of a family can be seen in a car

As Dusk Falls is a sprawling narrative adventure from Interior/Night that features a number of well-known actors and voice actors. The studio uses a unique method of drawing the actors who performed in a unique art style within the game. Its gameplay revolves around these individuals so you are probably keen to know the full As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors list.

With three main protagonists and a unique gameplay structure that revolves around them knowing who is playing which characters will be key to understanding them. You will have likely heard of a number of these actors as they have appeared in other games and franchises, as well as some shows.

Below, we go over all the confirmed As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors that will play major roles in the game. There are also some confirmed cast members whose characters haven’t been announced.

As Dusk Falls Cast and Voice Actors

Here are all the As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors that have been announced for the game:

  • Elias Toufexis
  • Acushla-Tara Kupe
  • Terrence Booth
  • Jason Hightower
  • Erica Luttrell
  • Oliver Britten
  • Clara Emanuel
  • Ryan Nolan
  • Jane Perry

Elias Toufexis played Adam Jenson in Dues Ex: Mankind Divided. Jane Perry was also recently in Housemarque’s Returnal.

That covers all the As Dusk Falls cast and voice actors. For more on upcoming Xbox Series X games, check out our guide on the upcoming games.

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