Apex Legends Vantage bug lets you dash like Jett in Valorant

Apex Legends Season 14's new legend Vantage has a surprising ace up her sleeve - like Valorant's Jett, she can perform some seriously rapid dashes

Apex Legends Vantage dash Jett Valorant: Vantage soars upwards with a grimace on her face as an explosion goes off below her

Apex Legends’ Vantage has been a relative hit so far in Season 14 – so much so that someone was dedicated enough to reach 1,000 kills with her in only the first 30 hours of the new season. Players are loving her kit, which is a combination of long-range damage with her always active ultimate and interesting movement mechanics thanks to her jetpack and adorable pet bat, Echo.

However, did you know that Vantage can even perform abilities found in rival competitive FPS game Valorant? Well, she can, but it certainly isn’t intentional.

Players are quickly mastering how to use a bizarre bug to their advantage, which will result in Vantage performing a rapid sideways dash, much like Valorant’s agile duelist Jett. When combined with a double jump as well, you’re able to pull off some rather scary-looking movement that would definitely bamboozle an opponent in a close-range gunfight.

This technique appears to have been first unearthed by ‘theh1d’ on Twitter, and involves popping a heal item like a Shield Battery, moving in the direction you want to travel, and pressing the button/ key bound to Vantage’s tactical ability. This will cancel the heal and see you shoot off in whichever direction you were moving in.

The video below from ‘Skeptation’ gives you a handy tutorial on how to perform this, and shows you an alternative method which involves placing Echo right at your feet and then activating Vantage’s tactical to get the same dash animation.

While the single dash on its own may not be the most useful thing in the heat of battle, combining it with a jump to quickly gain height or evade opponents could definitely be beneficial to you.

This will likely get patched out in an update in the near future, as this is certainly not an intentional string to Vantage’s bow. However, if you’ve always wanted to see the worlds of Valorant and Apex collide, now’s your chance to experience that.

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