Apex Legends Vantage bug lets you chase enemies with a black hole

Battle royale players are exploiting another Apex Legends Vantage bug; Players have found that you can balance things like Horizon’s Black Hole on Echo

Apex Legends Vantage bug Echo Black Hole: An image of Vantage looking shocked and Horizon looking amused

We all know that the Apex Legends devs confirmed that Vantage’s bat Echo is “just too cute” to kill, but they didn’t really express just how strong this little winged beast is. Ahead of any impactful Apex Legends patch notes, battle royale players are finding out that you can actually balance various items and ultimates on Echo. This means you can make a mobile Heat Shield in the storm circle or, more hilariously, chase your enemies with Horizon’s oppressive Black Hole ability. Well, that’s just what we’ve seen online anyway.

One example of this hilarious exploit can be found on r/ApexUncovered, a subreddit dedicated to Apex Legends’ leaks, datamines, and exploits. On this very forum, user ‘Deusbass’ has shared a clip of themselves and another player experimenting with Vantage’s Echo Relocation tactical ability and Horizon’s Black Hole ultimate ability in Apex Legends’ infamous shooting range – a place where almost every exploit is first explored.

In a similar fashion to Gibraltar players placing a Dome of Protection shield on Lifeline’s DOC Heal Drone, all players really need to do is balance something like Horizon’s Black Hole or the aforementioned Heat Shield on the back of Echo for this exploit to work – at the moment, anyway.

As you can see in the footage from Reddit below, it doesn’t last forever – thankfully. However, it does give players a little bit of freedom as, unlike quite a few other movement abilities, Vantage can actually reposition Echo multiple times using her Echo Relocation tactical ability.

Put horizon ult on echo from ApexUncovered

At the moment, there’s no information available to suggest that this will or won’t work for a handful of other in-game items and abilities. However, we’re fully expecting to see this patched out in a future update by Respawn Entertainment. We can’t imagine a flying Black Hole was something they had in mind when they added a cute little bat to Apex Legends.

But, bugs like this aside, Apex Legends is still one of the best battle royale games out there right now and the latest major update proves that. The Season 14 weapon changes have shaken up the Apex Legends weapon tier list and there’s so much more to come in the weeks ahead. Just… Maybe don’t expect to see bugs like this stick around for too long – even if they are funny.