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Valkyrie soars to top of Apex Legends pick rate charts after ALGS

Following the Year 2 ALGS Championships, Apex Legends players have flocked to Valkyrie after she was used in almost every game in the tournament

Apex Legends Valkyrie pick rate: Valkyrie looks over her shoulder wearing her iconic yellow flight suit

If there were two main takeaways from last week’s Apex Legends Global Series Year 2 Championships, they are that Australians are bloody good at Apex (congrats again, DarkZero), and that Valkyrie is the queen of the pro scene.

Valkyrie’s ability to make huge rotations and escape from tight spots with her whole team, coupled with her offensive prowess, meant that her pick rate was hovering around the 98% mark throughout the entire four-day Championships. If you weren’t using Valk, you either had an incredible Plan B, or you misclicked in legend select…

With over 630,000 people tuning in to the ALGS Championships according to Esports Charts, there were a whole lot of players witnessing exactly what Valkyrie could do in a sweaty pair of professional hands. While she has always been a viable pick, her ALGS dominance has seen her pick rate climb over the last couple of days, to the point where she is currently the most popular legend in the battle royale.

Valkyrie is now top of the charts with a pick rate of 10.8%, according to Apex Legends Status’s statistics at the time of writing. This is across all ranks and game modes.

Apex Legends Status claims this is the first time since Season 9 a legend not named Wraith or Octane has topped the overall pick rate charts.

While in the upper echelon of the Apex Legends ranks Horizon is still the number one choice at the moment, Valkyrie’s pick rate has climbed there as well. Seer has also seen a massive spike in pick rate from players in Master or Apex Predator after he too was well-utilised by plenty of teams during the Championships in Raleigh.

When you’re watching the world’s best Apex teams using a certain legend in pretty much every single match they play, then players are bound to be inspired and compelled to try said legend out in ranked.

Even though team compositions were dominated by Valkyrie, Seer, Caustic, and Gibraltar, there was still a wide variety of legends played throughout the entire tournament, with Mirage being the only legend to not see a single bit of action.