Every Apex Legends character got picked at ALGS Champs, except one

Apex Legends caster fallout has revealed that all but one of the battle royale's 21 legends were picked at least once during the Year 2 ALGS Championships

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The Year 2 Apex Legends Global Series has just concluded, with the Australian roster of DarkZero clutching up in the ALGS Championships Finals to become the world’s best Apex team. While the tired and tested Gibraltar, Valkyrie, and Caustic combination was the most common team composition through the event, it actually turns out there was a bit of love for every single legend in Apex’s lineup of characters. Well, every legend except for one.

Yep, throughout the four-day event, which saw 40 teams slog it out in dozens of matches on both World’s Edge and Storm Point, all bar one legend saw some ALGS Championships action at some point, according to a Twitter post from caster Jon ‘Falloutt’ Kefaloukos. Even those with horrifically low pick rates in the upper echelons of the Apex Legends ranks like Revenant, Rampart, and Lifeline got some love. So did newest legend Newcastle, who ended up being a key component of 100 Thieves’ composition during the Finals.

Despite pros spreading the love around the whole Apex roster, there was one legend that was left in the cold, and that’s Mirage.

While he may be a long-serving legend with the best one-liners in Apex Legends, there was no place for him at the ALGS. While players found some use for off-meta picks, no one could find a reason to run poor Mirage.

There were desperate calls throughout the tournament (and even banners in the crowd) asking for a Valkyrie nerf, with the rotation queen being the most picked legend by far (before the Finals, she sat at 98% pick rate). Maybe, given this Mirage revelation, that’s not the only legend that needs some urgent attention from the Apex balancing team…

In fairness, it is impressive to see all but one of Apex’s 21 legends get used in some capacity during the ALGS Championships, and that’s a testament to both the balancing team at Respawn and the ingenuity of the pro players.