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Apex Legends leaks show epic abilities for potential new legend Uplink

New legend Uplink is reportedly coming to the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, and we've got a taste of what Respawn is cooking up for his abilities.

Apex Legends character roster in King's Canyon

Though Apex Legends Season 16 is currently underway, battle royale game fans are already looking ahead to what the next Apex Legends update holds. New legend Uplink is a fresh contender allegedly in the works from developer Respawn Entertainment – and these Apex Legends leaks surrounding him are pretty tasty. Recent discoveries dig into his abilities, giving players a glimpse of what to potentially expect in the popular FPS.

Speculation is still running rampant for the Apex Legends Season 17 release date, as legends like Ballistic are expected to make their debut alongside heaps of new content. However, it is new legend Uplink that has Apex Legends fans keeping their eagle eyes on the game. According to prominent leaker ‘Thordan Smash’, “a while ago we did receive a leak of a bunch of legends coming to the game […] unfortunately it does like some of them were scrapped, as one of them was Uplink.”

Despite claims that Uplink had been shelved, the leaker adds “it doesn’t seem like Uplink is officially 100% scrapped yet”, referring to information relayed to him from fellow Apex Legends leaker ‘Osvaldatore‘. Thordan Smash claims that Uplink’s abilities will be known as the following: Network Communion, Shield Satellite, and Immortality Relay Beacon.

Uplink’s passive, Network Communion, will reportedly allow players to “gain 25% of recovery effects used in signal range.” Thordan Smash theorises this could be for items such as “syringes, shield cells, and other items you use to heal yourself.”

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“However, his tactical [Shield Satellite] is where it starts to get very interesting, as it can revive teammates […] but instead of reviving the health portion of your allies, it will actually recover their shield,” the leaker alleges. Thordan Smash suggests that legends such as Lifeline and Gilbralta would compliment Uplink’s abilities. Furthermore, the leaker claims that Uplink’s ultimate is “absolutely busted.”

The Immortality Relay Beacon grants the ability to use a “deployable satellite beacon that prevents allies in the signal area from being downed.” Speaking on Uplink’s power, Thordan Smash says that “if there was ever a support legend, this guy is it […] I know everyone has been wanting a support legend to come into Apex Legends […] but he will definitely be toned down before he is released.”

Whether Ballistic or Uplink is next to arrive in the game, these exciting additions will provide a vital change to Apex Legends classes and the Apex Legends tier list. May the best legend win.