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All Apex Legends Spellbound skins in the Collection Event

Apex turns up the spectacle with enchanted new skins available during the Collection Event. Here’s all the Apex Legends Spellbound skins and how to get them

Apex Legends Spellbound Skins Collection Event: Apex Legends characters running towards the camera in the new Spellbound skins from the Collection Event.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event has just landed in Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale game, bringing with it a return of the Control limited-time mode and a whole host of new Apex Legends Spellbound skins to get during the Collection Event.

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Apex Legends Spellbound skins

There are a total of 24 Apex Legends Spellbound skins up for grabs during the Collection Event, all with an enchanted and mystical theme.

In terms of how to get the Apex Legends Spellbound skins, players can purchase select skins from the store on a rotating three to four day cycle using Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, acquired in Spellbound Event Apex Packs, and some earned via in-game challenges. You can earn up to 1,600 points per day through Spellbound daily challenges to progress the Spellbound reward tracker, granting various items including cosmetics such as the new Lifeline skin.

The official Apex Legends blog post has a full outline of the store tab schedule so you can see what Spellbound skins and cosmetics are available for purchase and when.

Importantly, collecting all 24 Apex Legends Spellbound skins before the event is over will automatically grant you Seer’s flashy new Heirloom, the Showstoppers.

Here are all the characters and weapons that have received Apex Legends Spellbound skins and cosmetics during the Collection Event:

  • Vantage
  • Fuse
  • Mirage
  • Seer
  • Mad Maggie
  • Horizon
  • Crypto
  • Valkyrie
  • Ash
  • Lifeline
  • Longbow DMR
  • Flatline assault rifle
  • Alternator SMG
  • Spitfire LMG
  • Prowler SMG
  • EVA-8 shotgun

You can get a look at the new Spellbound skins and weapon camos in action during the new Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s all the Apex Legends Spellbound skins and cosmetics available during the Spellbound Collection Event, so complete those challenges and nab as many as you can.