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Apex Legends’ Firing Range is in for an upgrade with Season 17

Respawn Entertainment's next major Apex Legends update is on the way and this battle royale is also in for a new Firing Range when Season 17 rolls around.

Apex Legends Season 17 teaser firing range: an image of Lifeline from the battle royale FPS

25/04/2023 New information about Apex Legends’ Seaosn 17 update has come to light. The headline and copy of this article has been updated to reflect that.

If you’re something of a veteran Apex Legends player, you’ll know that this battle royale’s Firing Range – a training arena for players to hone their skills against various targets – hasn’t changed much. However, that looks like it’s about to change. Several Apex leakers have spotted an interesting teaser hidden in-game and it might just hint at a brand new Firing Range training facility for players new and old alike to enjoy. And, it looks like these teasers weren’t unfounded – Respawn Entertainment has confirmed something is coming very soon.

What are we actually talking about? Well, while you might be able to find it for yourself in-game, the best look at this new teaser comes from Apex Legends leaker and content creator ‘KralRindo‘ online. As you will be able to see for yourself, it looks like a rather mysterious storage crate has popped up in the Firing Range and it labelled with the following text:

“Asset Migration Intiative. Transfer to dynamic testing facility, Solace. Max Weight – 40 KG. Lot #S17FR2K23RSPN. Handle with care.”

As explained by KralRindo, it looks like the hashtagged code is a reference in itself; it’s referencing the fact that in Season 17 (S17), a new Firing Range for 2023 (FR2K23) is coming to Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment (RSPN). We know it sounds like a bit of a stretch, but when you look at it through this lens, it makes a lot of sense.

Apex Legends Season 17 teaser firing range crate: an image of the teaser in the battle royale FPS

Also, when you think about the fact that the storage crate itself is seemingly for the misspelled “Asset Migration Initiative” (the text on the crate is missing a letter I), it only reinforces the idea that a new Firing Range location is coming – at least, in our mind.

While we don’t know what Respawn Entertainment has planned just yet, the official Apex Legends page for the upcoming season does state that an “evolved Firing Range” is coming in Season 17. It also states that it’s going to be “newly-updated and majorly expanded”; however, we don’t know what this will entail just yet.

So, while we know Apex Legends’ broken Flatline skin was destined for a nerf all along, it looks like we also know we’re getting a new Firing Range when Apex Legends’ Season 17 release date rolls around.

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The wait for Apex Legends’ Horizon heirloom item may finally be ending, though, so it isn’t all bad. You can also read up on the latest changes to Apex Legends ranks right here ahead of the new season. Refreshing yourself on what’s what is never a bad thing.