Wait for Apex Legends’ Horizon heirloom item may finally be ending

Apex Legends players have been asking about a Horizon heirloom item for quite some time now and new leaks hint that it's coming to the battle royale quite soon.

Apex Legends Horizon datamine heirloom animations: an image of the battel royale character driivng

We know the last few months have been quite… tumultuous for Apex Legends‘ Horizon fans, what with nerfs seemingly consistent features in seasonal updates, but you’ll be pleased to know that it looks like there’s some good news on the way. Following the implementation of the Sun Squad Collection Event, data miners have found evidence to suggest that the long-awaited Horizon heirloom item is finally on the way and coming to Apex Legends in the next Collection Event – after the Veiled Collection Event, that is.

We know that sounds like good news, but what evidence is there? We’re not just here to get your hopes up, are we? Well, while we do want to get your hopes up, renowned Apex Legends leaker ‘KralRindo‘ has shared online that a number of new Horizon animations have been added to the battle royale in the latest update – and this all points towards an heirloom item.

As you will be able to see for yourself below, there’s supposedly a new Horizon banner pose, new movement animations, and new melee animations.

On top of all this, there seems to be an idle pose where Horizon looks like she’s holding a currently unknown item – something KralRindo seems to allude to being the upcoming heirloom item.

Apex Legends datamine Horizon heirloom animations: an image showing the latest battle royale leak

Of course, it’s worth taking everything mentioned with a pinch of salt – things change all the time in Apex Legends and we know these heirloom items can take quite a while to release when they’re spotted in the game’s files. However, it does seem like there’s something on the way.

You can see all the new heirloom item animations in action below, if you’re interested. We can’t say for certain what the heirloom item will be, but it looks like it could be some sort of sword – based on the poses.

YouTube Thumbnail

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This is one of the best battle royale games out there, but things take time. So, while you’re waiting for the Horizon heirloom item to appear, it might be worth reading up on all the latest Apex Legends ranked changes and our updates Apex Legends tier list. An heirloom item isn’t going to change where people stand, but we could see a little buff come Horizon’s way in the future.