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Apex Legends “reworked ranked system” coming in Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13 update ranked changes will see a rework of the battle royale's competitive mode, which focuses more on "teamwork and skill"

Apex Legends Season 13 ranked changes: An image of Bangalore and Newcastle alongside an image of Mirage from the cinematic trailer

Apex Legends has just teed up what is to come in Season 13, and as well as its newest legend Newcastle and a massive sea monster, Respawn has teased that a rework to the battle royale’s ranked mode is on the way.

On the official Apex Legends website, Respawn gives a brief overview of what is to come in Season 13. Among this information is a section called “Ranked Reloaded”, and while exact details are thin, it appears the battle royale is going to encourage teamwork in its competitive mode.

“Rise and fall through the ranks together in a reworked Ranked system that rewards teamwork and skill,” Respawn says. While this is not much to go on, and ranked tweaks are regularly made at the start of new seasons and even throughout seasons as well, to package this up as its own “Ranked Reloaded” suggests that the changes coming in Season 13 will be significant.

This could be one of the biggest changes to the way you climb the Apex Legends ranks to hit the battle royale in some time.

Last season, Respawn decided to reduce the maximum amount of KP you could earn from kills in ranked games in order to promote more of a focus on final placements. With this Ranked Reloaded rework in Season 13, we could see a continuation of this trend.

Expect more details on this ranked mode shakeup to be revealed ahead of Apex Legends’ Season 13 update which drops at some point in early May.