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Apex Legends’ Season 13 Storm Point IMC Armories are one-use per game

The Apex Legends Season 13 release date is fast-approaching and we have new details on how the new Storm Point IMC Armories will work in the battle royale mode

Apex Legends Season 13 IMC Armory One Use: Two images, one of Newcastle from Apex Legends and another of an IMC Armory in-game

Apex Legends’ Season 13 is on the horizon and players can look forward to a new Storm Point POI, a new legend, and some hefty Ranked changes in the coming update. The one feature that excites us, though, is Storm Point’s new IMC Armories. Home to Apex Legends’ Smart Supply Bins, these locations are going to be an important part in getting the best loot while playing on Storm Point. However, getting your hands on this loot isn’t going to be as easy as fighting a few waves of Spectres. Speaking to The Loadout, senior game designer Samantha Kalman has revealed that IMC Armories are “one use per game”.

Yes, you’re reading that right – and we heard it right, too. Apex Legends players will only be able to activate and use Storm Point’s new IMC Armories once per game – and with there only being four of these dotted around the map at launch, it’s not going to be easy to jump in and reap the rewards unbothered.

Explaining Respawn Entertainment’s decision to limit the use of an IMC Armory to once per game, Kalman expressed that the development team had to consider “what if the ring closes near [an IMC Armory]” and how they would affect the latter stages of a game.

When an IMC Armory is activated, all of the entrances lock and players start a sixty-second showdown against Spectres. It’s easy to see why this would cause problems in and around a final circle – not to mention the fact that players could lock themselves in, protected from enemies for a whole minute, and come out with some seriously improved loot.

Kalman did go on to comment that these areas are going to be “skirmish-able spots”, depending on the context of the circle, and that players will still be able to access IMC Armories in some capacity after they have been activated. We don’t know how just yet – but, either way, it’s good news for players who want to take a look around but they’re a bit late to the party.

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If you’re looking to utilise more nefarious tactics to win your games, players will also be able to hide inside an IMC Armory and ambush others in search of loot – there’s no occupancy limit for these structures. Be warned, though: “Spectres don’t discriminate”, according to Kalman, and the Smart Supply Bin loot is tailored to the squad who activate the IMC Armory in the first place.

So, it’s important to be careful that you’re not biting off a bit more than you can chew if you want to try this.

IMC Armories aren’t the only thing to look forward to in Apex Legends, though. Apex Legends is looking to “remix” LTMs like Control in future seasons and a “reworked ranked system” is coming in Season 13. You can also check out our Apex Legends tier list ahead of Newcastle’s release here. Who knows how he’s going to shake things up.