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Apex Legends looking to “remix” LTMs like Control for future seasons

Ahead of Apex Legends Season 13, Respawn Entertainment spoke to The Loadout about the future of LTMs for its battle royale shooter on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

Apex Legends LTM Remix: An image of Newcastle and a Flashpoint from Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Season 13 update is almost here and it’s shaping up to be another stacked update – with a new legend, a major map update, and the Ranked Reloaded changes headlining proceedings. One thing that seems to be missing from Respawn Entertainment’s plans, though, is limited-time modes (also known as LTMs). Fear not, though, Apex Legends players – speaking to The Loadout, game director Steve Ferreira has revealed that LTMs are still very-much the focus for the developer – and a fan-favourite LTM is going to return in the second half of the Saviors season!

When asked about Respawn’s plans for Apex Legends LTMs in Season 13 and beyond, Ferreira explained that “something [players] are going to see is the continued addition of LTMs” and “remixes of past LTMs”.

Elaborating further on this point, he expressed that one “focus of the team right now” is “trying out and experimenting a few different things and ways to play” through past Apex Legends’ LTMs. So, while we might not be getting anything drastically new in the future, players can still expect new experiences from Apex Legends going forward.

In particular, players can expect new experiences from Apex Legends’ ever-popular Control LTM. While he unfortunately didn’t go into any details about these, Ferreira did confirm that players are “definitely going to see Control come back” – and that we’re “definitely going to see some updates to – possibly – things like locations and rules”.

Adding to this with more specificity, Evan Nikolich confirmed that Control would be back at some point during the second half of Apex Legends’ Saviors season during a press event showcasing the new content.

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At the moment, Olympus’ Hammond Labs, Storm Point’s Barometer, and King Canyon’s Caustic Treatment have been seen as Control maps in the past. Could we see Storm Point’s new Downed Beast POI location introduced as a Control map in the future? Only time will tell, but we hope so.

What’s more exciting is the possibility of rule changes, though. We just don’t know what to expect, but we could see features from other modes introduced to Control – like Flashpoint’s healing zones – or even something like equipment restrictions – ‘shotguns and snipers’ modes are always popular in other shooters.

For now, though, we’ll have to wait for more information. If you’re looking forward to what the next season brings, you can check out the Apex Legends Season 13 release date here. If you’re looking to hit the ground running, then check out our Apex Legends tier list ahead of any balancing changes right here.