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Respawn is making Apex Legends’ reworked Revenant a freebie

Respawn is unlocking Apex Legends' Revenant for everyone during Season 18 and offering you the chance to unlock him permanently for free on PS5 and Xbox.

Apex Legends Revenant unlock quests: an image of the FPS robot smiling

If you’re looking forward to checking out Apex Legends‘ new Revenant rework when the long-awaited Apex Legends Season 18 release date rolls around, you’re in luck. Respawn Entertainment is going to make sure everyone can give him a go, even if you don’t have enough Legend Tokens to unlock him. That’s not all, either. Respawn Entertainment is also introducing new Apex Legends Revenant unlock quests – giving you the chance to unlock this Synthetic Nightmare permanently, for free.

Ahead of Respawn Entertainment’s next set of Apex Legends patch notes, the developer has revealed that Revenant will be unlocked for everyone throughout Season 18 via the “Revenant Reborn” section of the Resurrection page on the official Apex Legends website. Through this, as you can see below, it has also confirmed that there will be a new set of in-game challenges coming to give players a chance to unlock Revenant permanently.

The exact information from Apex Legends’ Resurrection page reads as follows:

” A shattered mind fills Revenant with even more rage, bringing him a killer new look and deadly new abilities. Revenant is unlocked for all players all season; complete quests before the season ends to unlock him permanently.”

Apex Legends Revenant unlock quests: an image of the Reborn section of the FPS' website

If you’re wondering what is actually going on with Revenant, Respawn Entertainment has released two animated shorts that you need to watch. The first one, which you can watch below, explains how Loba happened upon Revenant’s eyeball and teases something sinister lurking in a Hammond Robotics lab on Salvo.

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Then, the second animated short in Apex Legends’ Kill Code series offers us a little more insight into what’s happening to Revenant and why he’s changing. It doesn’t detail Apex Legends’ Revenant rework ability kit – even though there are quite a few leaks about it – but, it does show us Revenant’s new base design.

There’s also even more lore to learn, so it’s well worth watching if you want to get clued up on what’s going on in and around Apex Legends’ ranked updates and any changes to our Apex Legends tier list.

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If you want to check out someone new when you try to climb Apex Legends’ ranks next season, this is the perfect time to do it. You’re also going to want to read up on this rather interesting Titanfall 2-inspired Charge Rifle change that’s on the way. Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there and this season, just like last season, is only making things better.