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Apex Legends leaks detail new Revenant kit ahead of expected rework

Apex Legends' upcoming Revenant rework is an exciting one and we now have a great look at the new abilities we're going to see the character have in the future.

Apex Legends' Revenant rework abilities: an image of Loba smiling with Revenant behind

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, despite what you might think, and a real reason why is the developer’s continued attempts at improving the experience through new game modes, features, updates, and alterations. If you’re looking forward to the next major update, you’ll be pleased to know that new Apex Legends Revenant rework leaks are fully detailing his upcoming kit – it sounds like a fantastic change for the character.

We’ve known a Revenant rework is coming for quite some time now, and Respawn Entertainment kicked off the teasers with one of the best Apex Legends animated shorts we’ve seen so far. However, we still haven’t had any clear information about the abilities. Well, until now, that is. We’ve sen a few ideas floating around, but nothing with any substance.

These recent leaks, though, sound like they’re the real deal and that’s very exciting. From renowned Apex Legends leaker ‘Thordan Smash‘, we now know what we’re in for when it comes to Revenant’s new kit.

As you can see below, it looks like Revenant’s Passive will be named Shadow Form. This will let players see enemies with a health value lower than 40 within 30 meters of him – something that could help prepare Revenant players and their squads when pushing weaker enemies holding up inside a building. If Revenant lands a shot or two on one of these enemies, the entire squad will also be able to see the indicator highlighting their low health. 

In addition to this, Revenant’s Tactical will be named Shadow Dash – if the leaks are true. This will let Revenant perform a 20-meter dash “without positioning”, before being able to perform another quick dash. We don’t think we need to explain why this will help Revenant players push in attacking situations. You might even be able to catch your enemies unaware, if you can get your timing right.

Finally, Revenant’s reworked Ultimate is still totem-based. However, this time around, you’re going to need to put the totem down in the middle of the enemy team. Why? Well, because when you set down your totem, every knock and kill will heal you 25 health and 25 armor if you’re in the 50-meter range of the totem while it’s active. This is going to make a skilled Revenant very hard to kill in a teamfight, especially if they’re getting all up in your face.

Updated set of abilities for Revenant Reborn (via ThordanSmash on Twitter)
by u/JoryB in ApexUncovered

Of course, it’s worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt until we know more. However, Thordan Smash is a fairly reliable source when it comes to Apex Legends leaks and the specifics do make it seem like this is legitimate datamined information, not speculation.

Is this rework going to be enough to see a resurgence of Revenant and a shuffle of our Apex Legends tier list in his favor? Well, it’s difficult to say without seeing all of this in action. What these changes will do, though, is make Revenant even more ruthless than he was before and push players into more aggressive attacking maneuvers. This really is far from a bad thing when you consider all the changes Respawn Entertainment made to Apex Legends’ classes recently.

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