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Apex Legends’ rumored Revenant rework will make him even more ruthless

An Apex Legends Revenant rework is making the rounds online and Respawn's rumored changes will make the legend even more ruthless on Xbox, PS5, and PC.

Apex Legends Revenant rework rumors Season 18: an image of Revenant from the battle royale looking over his shoulder

21/06/2023 Apex Legends players have spotted an in-game teaser hinting at the Revenant Rework following the Dressed To Kill Collection Event update. The copy of this article has been updated to reflect that.

If you think an Apex Legends Revenant rework is due, you’re in luck. It looks like one is on the way and, rather interestingly, it’s going to completely ditch a key component of his kit: the Shadow form. We know this “Synthetic Nightmare” – which seems an apt description – isn’t quite at the top of our Apex Legends tier list at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like what he’s got going on. Apex Legendsrecent Seer rework was unusual enough given his pick rate, but now it looks like Revenant is next up. Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment isn’t completely killing him. In fact, he might be scarier going forwards – if the rumors are true.

Discussing recent rumors that a “Revenant Reborn” update is coming to Apex Legends, known leaker Thordan Smash has corroborated claims that a Revenant rework is coming that will give the Assault class character a second passive ability, introduce a new tactical ability, and change the way his Death Totem ultimate ability works – through removing the Shadow form transformation.

As you can see in the graphic shared online by Redditor ‘Ashen9000‘ below, it looks like Revenant could be getting a new passive ability that lets him highlight enemies on low-health. This is something we would expect to see only provide information to the Revenant player, not their squad. Otherwise, we can see this being quite over-powered.

In addition to this, it looks like Revenant might be getting a new tactical ability that lets him pounce on his opponents. Although sounding somewhat similar to Vantage’s Echo Relocation, this could be an ability that mirrors Newcastle’s ultimate Castle Wall – just, you jump to enemy locations instead of the locations of your injured squadmates.

So ThordanSmash said him and iLootGames have access to play test and this is true leaks, he also said will see if this comes on as the final product, but for now this is his new build kit for rev, and not looking good very bad ult
by u/Ashen9000 in ApexUncovered

You may also notice that this says “silence is gone”. Although a shame, this is something we expect to see in a coming update after the revelation that Seer was being reworked slightly for the Dressed To Kill Collection Event update; Seer’s Focus of Attention will now silence enemies for 10s, something that should help fit into his role as an opportunistic Recon class character.

Finally, though, it looks like Revenant’s altered Death Totem ability will now trigger health and shield regeneration when he knocks-down or eliminates an enemy. This change, rather than encouraging risky plays without punishment, will push Revenant players to engage in sustained aggressive attacks for longer periods of time and fit more into his ruthlessness.

You can check out Thordan Smash’s full thoughts on all of the above below:

YouTube Thumbnail

While this might seem quite speculative at first glance, it does look like a Revenant rework is on the way. Shared online by ‘escastre‘, you can see that there appears to be some sort of in-game teaser appearing for some players following the Dressed To Kill Collection Event.

As you can see below, it doesn’t give us a lot. However, it does show some sort of ‘glitch’ on Revenant’s icon which would suggest something is happening. This could, though, be narrative related. So, even though the context does suggest that it’s going to be to do with the rework, it’s worth taking things with a pinch of salt.

Revenant Glitch Teaser
by u/escastre in ApexUncovered

We know Apex Legends’ Season 18 update is a little while away, but this Revenant rework – if true – actually sounds quite exciting. We can certainly see this, if balanced correctly, being something that pulls him back into the meta and maybe-even makes him a must-pick for players trying to quickly climb Apex Legends’ ranks. However, it’s worth taking this all with a pinch of salt; only time will tell whether these rumors are true or not.