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Apex Legends’ Newcastle next to get heirloom item, new leaks tease

If you've been waiting for Apex Legends' Newcastle heirloom item, new leaks claim it's coming before the battle royale's Season 20 drops.

Apex Legends Newcastle heirloom item: an image of Newcastle from the FPS

Newcastle mains, we finally have some good news for you – we know, it’s been a while. Recent Apex Legends leaks claim the Heroic Defender is the next character getting an heirloom item, and – if those same leaks are to be believed – you won’t actually have to wait too long to get your hands on it. It looks like the new Apex Legends Newcastle heirloom item will be available before Season 20 arrives.

Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Apex Legends Season 20 release date is on the way, but there’s a lot to look forward to in this battle royale between now and then – especially, it seems, for Newcastle mains. He isn’t always the best option when it comes to climbing the Apex Legends ranks, but that doesn’t matter much because new leaks claim his long-awaited heirloom item is finally coming. If you’ve been enjoying one of the best battle royale games out there right now (you know, Apex Legends), but you’ve also been waiting patiently for this unique item to drop, you’ll be pleased to know that it sounds like Respawn Entertainment is going to sneak this heirloom item into a Collection Event before the next season starts.

As this Apex Legends datamine shows, a new “pilot sword” item is expected to arrive in early January 2024 – which is just a handful of weeks before the start of Season 20. Although unspecific at the moment, the fact that these references to the “pilot sword” are found alongside references to Newcastle’s ultimate ability in the Apex Legends files suggests that this is indeed a reference to the long-rumored Newcastle heirloom item.

It’s also worth noting that a sword of some kind would fit very well with Newcastle’s ‘knight-like’ character design; Apex Legends’ heirloom items are always a reflection of the character they’re assigned to – even if the unique melee weapon isn’t actually a weapon at all. Although, in this case, it very much looks like it will be one.

Newcastle heirloom Sword please look forward to it, January 9th
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The leak itself mentions January 9, 2024, as the date the Newcastle heirloom item will become available – almost certainly through a Collection Event. However, right now, there isn’t any information available to confirm this date yet. That being said, it’s far from an outrageous claim; we have seen Collection Events held that close to the end of a season before. So, while it’s worth taking this with a pinch or two of salt, we do think it’s plausible that Newcastle’s heirloom item will appear in-game after the upcoming Christmas-themed event for the holidays – something that happens every year and has already featured in leaks for 2023 (so we definitely know it’s coming).

One thing we don’t know right now, though, is what this heirloom item will look like – we don’t even have a rudimentary unfinished asset to talk about yet. Apex Legends fans have been making concept art for what they think Newcastle’s heirloom item – which has been rumored to be a sword of some kind for a little while now – will look like. You can check one of those out below to get a sense of what we’re in for. Although, again, take this with a pinch of salt.

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Is Newcastle going to become one of the best Apex Legends characters when his heirloom item drops, though? We doubt it, but we may see some changes introduced alongside it’s release. Again, this is something we’ve seen happen before, but only time will tell. Information is light this far in advance; however, more should become available in the coming weeks.

While it is a little ridiculous that it’s literally impossible to earn all the Apex Legends Post Malone event rewards, players should have no trouble getting their hands on the Newcastle heirloom item when it arrives if they have the Apex Coins to spend. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait, so why not check out the best Black Friday PlayStation deals and best Black Friday Xbox deals. You never know what you might find on offer in some of these sales.