Apex Legends player reaches Diamond rank without using guns

Mpé uses his fists and grenades to compete at the highest level of Apex Legends

Apex Legends' Octane readies his mechincal leg to stamp on Mirage, who lies prone on the floor

For most of us, reaching Diamond level in the Apex Legends ranks would be an achievement in itself, and the first stepping stone on the way to becoming an Apex Predator. However, one player took it upon himself to make things more difficult by not using any guns on his road to success.

No guns, you say? How could one do such a thing? While we’re disappointed that Matthieu ‘Mpé’ Pereira hasn’t checked out our Apex Legends weapons tier list, his feat is nonetheless mightily impressive. Using only grenades and his trusty fists, Mpé punched and pummelled his way to Diamond rank, which requires an astonishing 7,200 RP and puts him in the top 4.37% of players.

You might think that Mpé resorted to ratting it out to the final few teams, or that he relied on teammates to carry him to victories, but that is not the case. His aggressive playstyle utilises legends such as Bloodhound or Fuse running headfirst into fights, fists flying.

While his teammates do use guns to their advantage, Mpé’s success comes from knowing when to disengage. Even if an opponent is literally 1HP, sometimes Mpé will disengage to heal if the situation looks like it could go downhill, and this is clearly the mark of a top-tier player. Just taking a peek at his gameplay shows you that he has an uncanny ability to stick Arc Stars, which eliminate shields and leave opponents ripe for pushing.

You can see that Mpé does not shy away from a fight from the damage statistics that he shared. All of his Season 8 matches have been in ranked, and he has hit over 50,000 damage and 141 kills in under 100 games, averaging 509.14 damage per game. With his fists!

Mpé has appeared in Apex Legends Global Series tournaments before with his team Three Trees – albeit with weapons in hand. Perhaps he’ll enter a tournament with only fists and ‘nades before too long? If he makes it to becoming an Apex Predator, then we might just see it.