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Apex Legends Fuse abilities and how to unlock

Here's all you need to know about the explosive Aussie Fuse in Apex Legends, including their abilities and how to unlock them easily.

Apex Legends' newest character Fuse walks towards the camera, flanked by Lifeline, who is firing her weapon, and Rampart.

Fuse joined the Apex Legends cast in Season 8: Mayhem back in early 2021. However, new players won’t know how this moustachioed Aussie functions in-game. After all, there are tons of Legends now available which make it a little confusing at first.

When he joined the cast of Apex Legends, Fuse’s devastating entrance left the landscape of King’s Canyon irreversibly scarred – although he was hardly at fault for the blasts. However, his penchant for pyrotechnics carries over to his in-game abilities, which all lean towards the ordnance side of things.

If you thought being ‘naded as you bunker down in a building in the final circle was bad, Fuse is here to rout you from any position you think you can hold. This proves especially troublesome in Apex Legends ranks.

Apex Legends Fuse abilities

Here are all of Fuse’s abilities in Apex Legends:

  • Passive: Grenadier – Fuse’s mechanical arm throws ordnances farther, faster and more accurately. Fuse can also stack more grenades per inventory slot than other Legends.
  • Tactical: Knuckle Cluster – Deploy a cluster bomb that splinters out mini-concussion mines.
  • Ultimate: The Motherlode – Bring out Fuse’s rocket launcher “Wally” to drop an ordnance that surrounds the target in a ring of flames.

In case you missed it, Fuse likes grenades – and lots of them. All three of his abilities are focused on explosive firepower, from a concussive cluster bomb to a searing rocket launcher.

You can see all of Fuse’s abilities in action in the vignette trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

How to unlock Fuse in Apex Legends

Fuse can be unlocked like any other legend – he’ll cost you 750 Apex Coins (you can grab 1,000 Apex Coins for $10.00 or £7.99) or 12,000 Legend Tokens, even all these years later. If you’ve played in the past, you’ll likely have plenty of Legend Tokens stacked up and ready to spend. Otherwise, it will take you a bit of grinding.

Fuse gameplay trailer

Fuse’s gameplay trailer was an homage to cheesy 80s action blockbusters – and we were there for it. The two-minute movie showcased all of his abilities, but there were a few other things to look out for, too.

YouTube Thumbnail

You could also notice a few of the Battle Pass rewards on show in the trailer, including legendary skins for Lifeline and Bangalore: the Bad to the Bone for the former and Radical Action for the latter. There was also a stunning reactive legendary skin for the Longbow, called the DMR X-1.

Although he isn’t at the top of our Apex Legends tier list, Fuse has long been a reliable – and fun – character to play in the battle royale game. Sure, there are better options, but you can’t go wrong with this explosive Aussie if you’re looking for your next new Legend.