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This Apex Legends passive ability concept could spice up the meta

Apex Legends' Recon-class legends have a passive ability, so why don't the rest of the roster get one? Well, one fan has suggested exactly that on Reddit

Apex Legends fan class passive ability concept: an image of Bangalore looking shocked

In Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends, there is currently only one class-based passive ability that players can take advantage of. With the FPS game’s legends being sorted into multiple classes, should this really be the case? Well, one Apex Legends fan has suggested otherwise and we’re not alone in thinking that the new class-based passive abilities they proposed would make an excellent addition to the game.

We know Gibraltar and Newcastle are Catalyst’s kryptonite in Apex Legends, but Redditor ‘CreamOfMeme420‘ has proposed that all Defence class legends should be able to stack two Ultimate Accelerant items per inventory slot. This proposed Defence class passive ability would allow legends like Caustic, Wattson, and Rampart (as well as the three mentioned above) to use their ultimate abilities much more frequently – which, we suppose, would make them worth picking a little more if you’re trying to climb the Apex Legends ranks.

In addition to this, they suggest an Assault class passive ability that improves tactical ability cooldown for legends like Ash, Bangalore, and Mirage when they get a knockdown. This passive ability, that would also stretch to Fuse, Maggie, and Revenant, would encourage more aggressive plays when using these legends – and reward players who win gunfights with faster tacticals.

Interestingly, they splinter off traditionally Assault class legends Horizon, Octane, and Wraith with the suggestion that they are granted a mobility-based passive ability. Named “Gunrunner”, they believe that these three legends should be able to take advantage of their kits with a passive ability that allows them to hipfire while sprinting – at the cost of accuracy, of course.

While we don’t think this is a bad idea in the slightest, and sprinting while firing is something that was available in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2, we feel as though it could become a little too unbalanced in Apex Legends.

As you can see below, they think the Recon class passive ability should remain the same – which allows all Recon legends to scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring location – and that Loba should be able to access extended supply bins like Lifeline.

Since Recon has a class passive, I made some for the rest of the classes as well from apexlegends

With players feeling that Apex Legends’ Catalyst is a “liability” when countering scans, would this improve her chances at staying towards the top-end of our Apex Legends tier list? It’s hard to say – but, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. We know this is one of the best competitive FPS games available at the moment, and easily one of the best battle royale games, but you have to wonder if the introduction of a wider class-based passive ability system would do anything to change the current state of the game.