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Apex Legends anti-cheat changes are arriving soon, Respawn dev teases

Apex Legends anti-cheat changes and "very exciting additions" are on the battle royale's horizon, according to a notable Respawn developer

Apex Legends anti cheat: Seer looks up with a concerned expression

For those wanting to see Respawn Entertainment do more to tackle cheating in Apex Legends, we bring you good news – the battle royale’s head of security has revealed that Apex Legends anti-cheat changes are coming soon, and that they’re “very exciting”.

Anyone climbing the Apex Legends ranks – particularly in those high-stakes games towards the top of the competitive ladder – will know how painful it is running into someone getting a bit of an extra hand, if you catch our drift. However, it sounds as if Respawn is going to act and increase its efforts to make Apex cheater-free.

Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford, security analyst at Respawn and Apex’s public-facing ban hammer-wielder, has teased that some “very exciting” changes will be coming to Apex Legends in the new year, and that includes its anti-cheat.

“Hyped for the new year. Very exciting additions and some changes to the Apex Anti Cheat,” he says in a Twitter post. While we don’t know for sure exactly what those changes will be, any increased efforts to stamp out cheating will be music to the ears of many players.

Apex Legends currently uses Easy Anti-Cheat, a widely-used anti-cheat that also covers games such as Fortnite and Dead By Daylight. While it is a decent protective barrier, there have been plenty of examples of brazen cheating throughout 2022, and many have called for improvements to Apex Legends’ anti-cheat, or an entirely new one altogether.

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A new anti-cheat is hardly out of the question either, as EA launched its own in-house anti-cheat earlier this year with the release of FIFA 23. Following Hideouts’ tweet, some are predicting that Apex Legends could be adopting it soon as well. Apex getting an EA-developed anti-cheat that has been designed to suit its own titles sounds like a very positive step.

It’s unclear whether the changes Hideouts is teasing will arrive on the Apex Legends Season 16 release date, or if they’re billed for later in 2023. Leaks have already suggested that an Apex Legends class rework could be arriving in February for the new season, so there will certainly be cause for celebration if both of these much-needed improvements land at the same time.