Alone In The Dark reboot release date speculation, story, gameplay

Curious about the Alone In The Dark reboot release date and everything else we know about the game? Here is a rundown of the story, gameplay, and more.

Alone In The Dark Release Date: Emily can be seen shooting a creature

The classic horror franchise is back! Alone In The Dark is coming with a reboot that takes the franchise back to its horror origins, while modernising the gameplay and presenting the story and action from a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective. But, when can you play it and when is the Alone In The Dark reboot release date?

The game takes a new direction in a few areas as well, moving the game to the American South in the 1920s and allowing you to play as both Edward Carnby and Emily Hardwood. But Pieces Interactive are still tieing the experience back to the origins of the franchise.

So, if you are excited about Pieces Interactive’s reboot, be sure to read on through this article for everything we know. We also give you the latest on that important Alone In The Dark reboot release date.

Alone In The Dark reboot release date speculation

The Alone In The Dark Reboot release date hasn’t yet been announced. The Loadout got to watch a behind-the-scenes demo where the team revealed said that they couldn’t provide a date. However, the game will be playable at Gamescom 2022, so we could see it come out sometime in 2023.

This is speculation on our part, but it doesn’t seem like the game is too far away, so hopefully, we will get a firm date later this year.

Alone In The Dark Reboot platforms

The Alone In The Dark reboot will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

According to Pieces Interactive, the game won’t be released on last-gen platforms. And, from the gameplay, it does look like the game needs the extra processing power to pull off the visuals it is going for.

Alone In The Dark Reboot Story

As mentioned, the game will feature a brand new story, set in the gothic, American south in the 1920s.

You will get to play both Edward Carnby, the classic protagonist of the series, and Emily Hartwood, Jeremy Hartwood’s niece, with each offering a unique gameplay experience as they have separate cutscenes and levels.

The game takes you back to Derceto Manor, which is a mental hospital for the rich and wealthy full of strange creatures and evasive residents. Here you will uncover mysteries and a story related to Jeremy Hartwood.

As such, it sets the stage in a very similar way the original game, showing a commitment to the origins of the series.

Alone In The Dark Reboot gameplay

As mentioned, the gameplay of this new game focuses mostly on the action from a third-person perspective. This is similar to what we have seen in The Evil Within and the recent Resident Evil remakes.

On top of that, the gameplay will feature classic, adventure-style puzzles to solve as well as traditional action-adventure exploration for clues and hints to the story. You can see some small clips of that gameplay in the reveal trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

And that covers all you need to know about the Alone In The Dark Reboot release date, gameplay, story, and more. While you wait for the game, read more on the best PS5 horror games and best Xbox horror games available currently.